How can set the fixed dates as a multiple dates list in timer condition?


I am developing on a kind of scheduler process.

Manager created multiple tasks which have a due date. Whenever the due date reaches I would like to send a notification to the user and manager at the same time.

I returned the due dates into a process variable as an object, however, in the timer condition, only allowed java.util.Date type.

is it possible to set the fixed dates as multiple dates in the groovy script?

In the case of my process, how to approach the solution?

I am sorry the question is vague.

How to update composition BDM with Groovy Script?


I created composition BDM and add all contracts using by the groovy script

Once I return the BDM I need to update all contract, so, I added update groovy script, however, I got the error,

Please help me what is the error to indicate.

Thanks in advance

This is the addall operation groovy script

def testTimerList = []
//For each item collected in multiple input
boolean status = false;

Decision table

I asking about the possibility of making script lines in the decision table for making a transition or it is only a comparison test?
if yes, can I, in the groovy script, make controls on information of organisation actors (country, job,..) and also access to data in MySQL database?

MySQL last_insert_id() error

Hello everyone.

I have a connector that insert a row in an external mysql db that works correctly. Now, I wanted to extend such connector in order to return the id of the lastly inserted row (the mysql table has a auto_incremented field) which I want to save in a variable to use it for future editing within the same process (I do that in the output operation definition part of the connector). The groovy code looks like this:

Remove item from BDM

How to remove a certain item from BDM through a script in Groovy?
I can access my BDM Logs but I can not delete them, how can I do this?

I'm getting the data from my PostgreSQL database and saving in my BDM to be able to display this data in a table in my UI Designer, that's fine, but I do not want the same information to be added twice in BDM, for that reason I created this script that checks if the information that is being fetched from my external database is no longer added in BDM

Get blob from mysql with groovy

I have a simple table with these fields:

import/use connector in boundary timer

I want to use a connector that calculates a duration in order to use it in a boundary timer event. if I use the connector in a task all works as it should, but when I try to import it (using groovy script) in a boundary timer it fails every time, with the following error:

Using a groovy script in a groovy custom page?

I have a grrovy script "MyUtil.groovy" written using the "Development->Manage Groovy Scripts" menu option in the studio and use it extensively in various connectors, operations etc in my process.

However I'd now like to use it in groovy custom page as well, but cant get it to work.

"import MyUtil;" says it cant resolve.

And any attempt to use MyUtil.myFunction(...) in the page code also reports that there is no variable called "MyUtil".

I presume this is a class path issue, but cant work out how to tell the page code to use the script.

Any clues?

start case in groovy

Hi, I need to start a case of a process in groovy, Im not sure if I have to call an API or if there is another way of starting a case