I'm trying to generate a QRCode (in email , png file , any method is accepted), but I'm not able to get it working. I'm using Bonita Community 6.3.9.

importing QRCode connector fails. then I'm trying with the following groovy script

Upload document to Alfresco via AlfrescoRestClient in Groovy not working...?

Hello Everybody,

I have put a few documents in a list and these documents I want to upload to Alfresco.

This is the code I made:

groovy expressions


when i try to do multiplication between Float and Integer then save the result in variable i get "error evaluation", how can i resolve this ?

thank you

Validator with groovy database connection

I'm developing with Bonita CE 6.3.2

I'm newbie and tried a lot to find answer for this but without sucess !

1) I created an instantiation form for anonymous access. I've text field where user inputs a value. I need to validade if that value exists in a mysql table. How can I do it ? Can you please explain be step by step how can I write some groovy code to achieve this ?

Bonita 6.3.3 - Update LIST Variable from groovy

Hi there,

I'm still relatively new to Bonita level coding and am trying to use the code example here to populate a LIST variable from Groovy Script but with no's using code I don't know...

I don't know how to use UUID query runtime etc. and keep getting an error.

So as a full code example...can you show me how it's done...

Use the Table widget to display comments from the process

I have been trying to display all the comments from a process using the table widget and a groovy script, but always i get an error. I would like to have two columns in the table, one for the "user" who posted the comment and another one for the "comment" Is there a way to do that?

Groovy script - iFrame - URL

Hi everyone,

I want to include another web page in my form. I think I need to use an iFrame but it doesn't work. I didn't find something in the documentation about that. I entered the URL of the iFrame : ““ .. doesn't work I entered the URL of the iFrame via a groovy script in returning an URL : import;

def webpage = new URL(''); return webpage;

Do you have a groovy script working? Thanks,


Utiliser du code Javascript dans le Widget HTML


Je souhaiterais créer un tableau de ce genre : Du coupe je pense utiliser un widget HTML de façon à pouvoir créer ce tableau. Et dans ce tableau, je voudrais le remplir avec un liste de données que j'ai récupéré grâce à un connecteur. Est ce qu'il existe un méthode pour utiliser une variable de mon processus (ma liste) et en même temps utiliser du script javascript ? Au début j'ai pensé utiliser un script groovy mais ça n'a pas l'air de faire bon ménage avec les $ de javascript.

getChildrenInstanceIdsOfProcessInstance function problem

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the function getChildrenInstanceIdsOfProcessInstance. I call it in one child workflow but the size of the returned list is 0. Someone can explain me ?

How to Get UserId of selected user in form .

I create one form with select field , and add initial value is list of user in that select field .