Upload document to Alfresco via AlfrescoRestClient in Groovy not working...?

Hello Everybody,

I have put a few documents in a list and these documents I want to upload to Alfresco.

This is the code I made:

groovy expressions


when i try to do multiplication between Float and Integer then save the result in variable i get "error evaluation", how can i resolve this ?

thank you

Validator with groovy database connection

I'm developing with Bonita CE 6.3.2

I'm newbie and tried a lot to find answer for this but without sucess !

1) I created an instantiation form for anonymous access. I've text field where user inputs a value. I need to validade if that value exists in a mysql table. How can I do it ? Can you please explain be step by step how can I write some groovy code to achieve this ?

Bonita 6.3.3 - Update LIST Variable from groovy

Hi there,

I'm still relatively new to Bonita level coding and am trying to use the code example here to populate a LIST variable from Groovy Script but with no's using code I don't know...

I don't know how to use UUID query runtime etc. and keep getting an error.

So as a full code example...can you show me how it's done...

Use the Table widget to display comments from the process

I have been trying to display all the comments from a process using the table widget and a groovy script, but always i get an error. I would like to have two columns in the table, one for the "user" who posted the comment and another one for the "comment" Is there a way to do that?

Groovy script - iFrame - URL

Hi everyone,

I want to include another web page in my form. I think I need to use an iFrame but it doesn't work. I didn't find something in the documentation about that. I entered the URL of the iFrame : ““ .. doesn't work I entered the URL of the iFrame via a groovy script in returning an URL : import;

def webpage = new URL(''); return webpage;

Do you have a groovy script working? Thanks,


Utiliser du code Javascript dans le Widget HTML


Je souhaiterais créer un tableau de ce genre : Du coupe je pense utiliser un widget HTML de façon à pouvoir créer ce tableau. Et dans ce tableau, je voudrais le remplir avec un liste de données que j'ai récupéré grâce à un connecteur. Est ce qu'il existe un méthode pour utiliser une variable de mon processus (ma liste) et en même temps utiliser du script javascript ? Au début j'ai pensé utiliser un script groovy mais ça n'a pas l'air de faire bon ménage avec les $ de javascript.

getChildrenInstanceIdsOfProcessInstance function problem

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the function getChildrenInstanceIdsOfProcessInstance. I call it in one child workflow but the size of the returned list is 0. Someone can explain me ?

How to Get UserId of selected user in form .

I create one form with select field , and add initial value is list of user in that select field .

UserCriterion Error When I try to fetch/return list of users

in Select field , i write one groovy script to fetch initial value : list of available users