Bonita 6.4.0

Unit testing for 6.4


I would like to know if Bonita BPM Community 6.4(.0) has any support for unit testing and how I would go about doing them.

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How to install a new language

I have the .po files corresponding to the new language I want to add, however when I add them to the {bonita_home}/platform/work/i18n the studio does not recognize the language.

Furthermore, the new locale appears when using an API call to show all current locales and there's an option to switch to that language in the BPM Portal HOWEVER when passing through forms the messages are still in english even when having, on the url parameters, &locale=pt_PT

Uploading files to other locations

I understand bonita uses documents to store files uploaded by users however they are stored in the bonita database and for me this is unnacceptable. Is there a way to change this so it's stored as a file in a place I wish or is there a way to upload a file via groovy script?

Error 500 - DefaultTenantIdException

So, I've installed Tomcat7 and I have mysql running and I have "installed" the bonita deployment files on the correct path, tomcat's manager indicated that the application is indeed running and has started. However, when accessing localhost:8080/bonita/ all I get is an error for "org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException"

I thought it was because I had some sort of problem installing the app, however with the h2 database it is working, so my best guess would be some problem with the mysql connectors or the database itself.


ProcessAPI - Search and Variables


Are there any API to search tasks that returns variable values?

or do I have to call getProcessDataInstances for each task instance? If so, are there any performance concerns?

SearchResult result = processAPI.searchHumanTaskInstances(searchOptionsBuilder.done());

for (HumanTaskInstance instance : result.getResult()) for (DataInstance data : processAPI.getProcessDataInstances(instance.getParentProcessInstanceId(), 0, 100)) // do something with data

Thank you

Configuration Server Bonita-Studio 6.4.0


It seems like we can't configure our engine with Bonita studio, the "Configure" button doesn't work. I had the same problem with the Bonita-6.4RC3 ...

Is this a known issue ?


Can someone explain the rational for New Groovy 1.8? ASync vs Sync

Hi there,

just looking at Bonita 6.4.0 and need to understand something.

1) Why are we still on Groovy 1.8 as Groovy 2.3 has been on General Release since May 2014?

2) What is Groovy 1.8 Depreciated in relation to Groovy 1.8? If no-one has seen this have a look at Connectors, Add A Connector->Script, there are two 1.8s.

3) How does the use of Groovy 1.8 affect transactions? It states: