Trying to get the email connector to work


I am using the authentification i created with User1 // 123
I am using a test email i created
I have allowed unsecure through my gmail profile
I have unticked the SSL portion of the connector.

When i click Test, I get the following error:

Application of SPENGO to Bonita Community

I am trying to apply SPNEGO to Bonita Community 7.5.4.

Samples of SPENGO are showed on the link below.

First, I implemented.

Second, I am trying to apply to Bonita now.

In Bonita, there are multiple folders containing web.xml or named lib , and I do not know how to solve it.

Which folders are valid?
And how is user authentication done in Bonita?

Just in case people haven't seen this: page_gasoline : Rest SQL DataSource + Admin page

I was just about to fire off some questions about the "DATA SOURCE REST API EXTENSION" as it seemed to overwrite any changes I made in the query file - this looks like the perfect, easily maintainable replacement.

I'll be digging into it today.

Thanks Pierre!

Cannot change group.

I have a problem managing groups in BonitaCommunity 7.3.1.
I log on my administrator account, go to Organization -> Groups. Here I can successfully create or delete a group, but I cannot modify existing one.
I select the group, click "edit", change some values on the "Update a group" form and click "save". The error message says: "Permission denied: you do not have the rights to perform this action."

Am I doing something wrong? It looks like a bug to me.

Active Directory authentication on Community 7.2

We can retrieve examples of Active Directory authentication on Bonita BPM, but they are always for earlier versions.
Does anyone manage to do it with the version 7.2 ?

I have tried to use the contribution "Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community" by mrkroket

But I was stopped at the step 5, when I have to place "JAASAuthenticationServiceImpl.jar" on apache-tomcat/webapps/bonita/WEB-INF/lib
=> I'm using JBoss and not Tomcat.

Customize Portal Theme 7.2 Community

Yesterday I tried to edit the portal color from my Bonita installation within the Studio environnement.

I edited files in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.2.3\workspace\default\bonita_home\client\tenants\1\work\theme\portal and it worked well for me instantly.

I wanted to copy this folder on another installation of Bonita on another computer, but at this point, the content is refreshed and reset automaticcaly by Bonita.

LDAP Auth in Community Version

Hi folks,
the community version of BOS does not provide LDAP. We urgently need it :)

I've seen many posts, but no real solution.
I've found this which provides bonita-auth.jar

Does someone have an idea on how to place and include bonita-auth.jar, so that it is used by Bonita?

[RESOLVED] Running headless Bonita Community engine on Linux

Hi there,

I'm new to BonitaBPM and would like to bench the Community Edition and check for its usability, performance, etc.

I'm quite lost in the installation process as I would like to have the sole engine deployed on tomcat (on Linux CentOS) without any local eclipse installation as I would like to have Ecplise on a separate machine.

Deploying the webapp by itself leads to an automatic shutdown.

How can I get around this problem ? Can anyone provide me with some information and/or tutorial resources, please ?


Hoi, I'm totaly new and working on my first project. I have created a form and everything is working. Now i send the form to a manager for review and want to get the data from the Original form.

I have read in the manual that you have to create a variable in your form to hold the data. i have done that but de storageID in de is empty and i don't get any data

( "StorageID")

API call comes out empty

I'm trying to implement a custom page to better serve my needs, I do a POST request to the bonita/loginservice as described here however if I try to do any sort of other calls (like one to system/session/unusedid) it always comes out as empty, am I missing something?

To better clarify what I have is a custom login page, I send the login data via post to bonita/loginservice with a redirect to another page and on that page I do a call to another api however the response comes as empty.