email connector

Email connector using a yahoo account (Error)


I added an email connector, I used a yahoo account with the following parameters:
smtp host:
smtp port: 465
security: ssl
and password that I generate from:
but I still get this error message:

send notification email to user in another group


I want to send notification email to user in another group:

how I can find the email of this user? and how user receive this message in his process?

Email connector

Can you tell me how to recover initiator's email ?
Thanks in advance

Trying to get the email connector to work


I am using the authentification i created with User1 // 123
I am using a test email i created
I have allowed unsecure through my gmail profile
I have unticked the SSL portion of the connector.

When i click Test, I get the following error:

Extra dot(.) appended in email


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2. I came across very weird scenario.
I'm using Email connector in one of my process and I have a hyperlink in email body.
Some time it is observed that there is an extra '.' (dot) appended in hyperlink URL.
This is very strange as only few emails have this wrong link. I'm stuck and don't know what is happening exactly.

Any help.

Thank you

How can I get BDM Values in Email Connector


I am developing a process where I need to send email to a user after Initiated user fills the form(I am using BDM),
now how to use BDM values in email connector, I want to send what the form values entered by initiator in the Email connector.

How can I get Intiated user form detail values in the Email connector


I have created a process, user initiates the process fills up the form and now I want to send an email to his manager and also the form data in the email body, how can I acheive this? I can see the form data at human task, but how can I get the form data in email.

How can I get Initiator user's Manager Email Address?

Hello Bonita,

I am creating a process(using 7.2) where a Initiator fills and submits the form, then next step goes to Initiator Manager, I want to send an email to Initiator Manager, how can I send this using connectors Can anyone help me?

Email Attachment: Cannot be attached the file.

I am using Bonita email connector. in the Attachment field I am providing the full path to the file to be attached but I am getting the following error

Caused by: org.bonitasoft.engine.commons.exceptions.SObjectNotFoundException: Document not found: c:/tmp/toAttach/SO Document Sample PDF.pdf for process instance: 12
at org.bonitasoft.engine.core.document.api.impl.DocumentServiceImpl.getMappedDocument(

The file exist in the path specified

Help me!!!... SMTP connector doesn't work.

2015-10-03 10:14:11 org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.ProcessAPIImpl
INFO: THREAD_ID=51 | HOSTNAME=E238-S6UIFCE05 | TENANT_ID=1 | The user <john.gonzalez> has installed process in version <1.0> with id <8099071302641203913>
2015-10-03 10:14:27 org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.ProcessManagementAPIImplDelegate
INFO: THREAD_ID=51 | HOSTNAME=E238-S6UIFCE05 | TENANT_ID=1 | The user <john.gonzalez> has deleted process with id = <8099071302641203913>
2015-10-03 10:14:28 org.bonitasoft.engine.api.impl.ProcessAPIImpl