Get the groups of a user

Hello everyone!

Back with a new problem to solve. For my page I need to get the groups of the logged in user. I already know how to get the users for a group, but this time i need the opposite. Can i get the groups in designer with an API or an extension would be a better approach?

Thank you in advance!

How to get users of specific role of multiple groups ?


I would like to get user list which the users have the specific role of specific groups.
For example, I get the list of specific groups first, then, I would like to get users of the "approver" role of each group.

I created a groovy script as follow, I would like to know how to retrieve each group id in order to use SearchOptionsBuilder group filter.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

How to use my own user and group database table (or services)

Hi all.

I have an application that contain user authentication and user/group information services.
Now, I want integrate my application with Bonita process API, and use my existing user/group services (authentication, query, list, insert, delete, ...).

What should I do, please ?


How can I access to Custom User Information in BPM Portal?

According to the documentation after I created custom properties in BPM Studio, I should be allowed to change those properties from the Portal using a user with Administrator Profile. Nevertheless I can´t find the 'Other' section in the User Profile.

Access a task, but don't click on take

I wonder if it is possible to perform a task when it becomes available to a user without the user having to click the "take" button. Because I have a process with many tasks and ends up being annoying to have to every time have to click on "take". If it can be done, it would be great if you could give me an example.

Thanks for all the help.

Using custom user management module instead of Bonita's inbuilt one

Where could i find documentation on using my own user management module instead of Bonita's inbuilt one to define my own user and their roles?

Connecting a mySQL database


I'm extremely new when it comes to Bonita BPM and am having troubles connecting to my MySQL database. I can't seem to find any guides out there that are for the most recent version of Bonita BPM. Could someone give me a short tutorial and help walk me through what I need to do?

Thanks for your time,

Setup Information:

Driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
URL: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/firstdatabase

Query: select * from testing where test_id = 'testingquery';

How can I assign a task to single user?

I created a process where after Initiated user submits the form it goes to Initiator Manager (I did this by selecting Manager Human Task-> General -> Actors -> Actor Filter-> Process -> Initiator Manager.)

But I want to assign the task to a single user how to do it? Can someone explain me?

How can I atribute visibility and invisibility to tasks.


I have a process started by admin, and he need to start multiple times
when comes to a user Lane, can be start by any user of the group, i need when a user DO the first task of his lane, the process case tasks related can be only viewed by him. and others cases tasks will set invisible to him, up until the case who he was doing finishes by admin.

Thanks before hand.

Peter Grant.

Savoir si un utilisateur fait parti des acteurs de mon processus

actuellement je suis entrain de créer une application dans LiveApplication de Bonita. (LiveDriveCar)
Voici l'organisation de mon app:
-- Driveboard
--------- demande de location
--------- validation demande
sur la page DriveBoard , j'affiche un recap sous forme de tableau de toutes les demandes de location.
j'ai deux bouton qui s'affiche en fonction du type d'acteur:
si l'acteur est un demandeur : il aura un link button (+ nouvelle demande de location)