Create a new User and Portal Profile from system task/script


I am attempting to create a new organization user form, after which a new user and portal profile is added. The user form is the instantiation form, and it contains the new user's username. For testing purposes, password is a static string. After the form is submitted, a system task is created that runs a script that generates the new user and the user's portal profile. The user part works fine, but I am unable to create the user's Portal Profile.

Here is the Bonita Engine Log error:

Process Supervisor Role

Hello All,

We need to enable a non-administrator user to review cases for the whole organization, no just her own cases. This user cannot have access to deploy, enable, or disable processes or to manage the organization user, groups and roles.

Specifically, we need to give this user access to the case detail (casemoredetails) for archived and current cases.

Is there any way to do this in the Community Edition?

Thank you.

Accessing REST api flowNode

I'm trying to use the redirectNextTask widget on a form and everything worked fine until I deployed the process on a testing server. On the testing server, everytime I open the task and the form gets loaded, the page gets redirected. After some debug I found that the problem was that when the script inside the redirectNextTask widget was calling the rest api /bonita/API/bpm/flowNode/16 (16 is an example) I get an HTTP ERROR 403 (forbidden access).

Why can't I add new profiles from Bonita BPM Portal?

Hi, I'm trying to add new profiles to my organization but the add button is not appearing in the Bonita BPM Portal. I'm logged in as administrator. Somebody knows why or have the same problem?


Add Profile to a new User


I had a script to create a new User and add him a profile. I remember it to work months ago. But last week I found an error in bonita logs and now it doesn't work.

Here is the code :