Process Supervisor Role

Hello All,

We need to enable a non-administrator user to review cases for the whole organization, no just her own cases. This user cannot have access to deploy, enable, or disable processes or to manage the organization user, groups and roles.

Specifically, we need to give this user access to the case detail (casemoredetails) for archived and current cases.

Is there any way to do this in the Community Edition?

Thank you.

Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition?

Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition 7.1.4?

I have a lot of instances they send an email every day. At the moment I would like to disable sending.


Help With First Steps after Setup

Admin user without permissions


I'm using Bontia 5.10. I have been working fine some time ago.... but today, when I try to access Bonita User Experience through Bonita Studio with admin default user, I cant log in at admin view.... an error say that the user have no permissions.... it seems as if the user had lost administrator permissions.

¿Some help to solve it?

I've test to reset the server and clen the historical buth without results...

Thanks and regards

Usuario admin sin permisos de administrador

Buenos días a todos,

Estoy usando Bonita 5.10, llevo bastante tiempo trabajando con normalidad, pero desde hoy, cuando desde Bonita Studio ejecuto Bonita User Experience e intento acceder a la vista de administrador con el usuario "admin", me dice que es un usuario normal y que no puedo acceder, parece como si el usuario admin por defecto haya perdido los permisos de administrador...

¿Alguien sabe cómo podría solucionar esto o volver a asignarle permisos?

He probado a reiniciar el servidor y a limpar el histórico desde Bonita Studio sin resultados...

How to import business data model in BonitaBPM 6.3.* portal when CASS SSO authentication is enforced


The documentation page about how to import business data model in portal states that user has to be logged with technical account to be able to pause tenant and import

What about doing this when using CAS SSO ? As bonita will be redirecting each single user to CAS server for authentication, shall we map a user to this particular role and how can it be achieved ?


Is there any way to control user to switch to administrator profile in community

hello ,

i m using community version of Bonita . there are all user have default both profile ,they can switch between user and admin profile . i want to restrict user to switching admin profile

can i achieve ? in community ? \ how ? pl suggest thanks kandarp