Admin user without permissions



I'm using Bontia 5.10. I have been working fine some time ago.... but today, when I try to access Bonita User Experience through Bonita Studio with admin default user, I cant log in at admin view.... an error say that the user have no permissions.... it seems as if the user had lost administrator permissions.

¿Some help to solve it?

I've test to reset the server and clen the historical buth without results...

Thanks and regards

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This one is the BEST answer!

I've get a solution,

Seems that the internal database (H2) had some problem, and the data was corrupted and was the origin of the problem.

I've replaced the dir witch contain the databases:


with a backup from last night.

Later I reset thse server and I can access again to the administration view with admin user.

Home it be usefull