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How to handle large business data


I have a little problem, it is probably easy to solve, but before i start doing some nonsense i ask for help.

There is a business data object lets say object A, and that object has a more objects as attributes, even lists. Lets say A has a list of B objects (about 20 000-30 000). If i choose in bdm settings to always load B list, it is not so efficient, and maybe i will run out of memory as well when i try to use A in business data. If i choose only load when necessary then displaying A objects B list wont be easy, and even with always load it is to big to handle.

Starting with Bonita, database and tutorial

Hi everyone,

I have to say I read a few (bonita documentation, tutorials, videos...) but I am still not sure I clearly understood the functioning.
It looks like most of tutorial (videos) I am interested in use Bonita 5 or 6. Tutorials about Bonita 7 often talk about dummy data or Json but rarely against a database.

According to the Bonita BPM 7.0 getting started documentation:

Call a business data (custom) query with multiple filter

Hey guys,
I created a table like in the "getting started tutorial": and everything works fine.

But now I want to get my table filled not with items via one filter, but with two.
So the actual code looks like this and its working:

Business Data in Parallel Called Processes

My process has two sequential parallel called processes. A Q&A session followed by voting. My understanding is that in this case each execution thread gets its own process and a copy of the business data. This seems to work as long as each execution thread only adds data and does not update data which causes StaleObjectExceptions.

Iterating a human task

I use a human task to poll users and add the data collected to a Business variable via an operation. Everything works properly for the first user, but the business variable is not getting initialized for subsequent users. I can work around this by putting the Human Task in a sub-process.

Access a business data object using the Java API (V 7.1.4)


I've not found any operation in the Java Engine API to retrieve a business data object associated with a process instance, given its id for example.

The BusinessDataAPI.getProcessBusinessDataReference() doesn't seem to be the good way.

And I've not seen any solution from the ProcessAPI...

Anyone can help me ?

Thanks a lot.


My process stops if I write on any attribute of any business data

Hi, I just installed Bonita and tried some starter example (so no changes on general configuration were made). My problem is that every time I try to write some attribute of any business variable is like if the process would stop.

Error + Database configuration for Business data

hey i was following this manual about the Database Configuration for Business data

but when i try to install the Business data on Bonita Portal i get this error :

Mapping PersistanceID


I'm currently reviewing the business_journal and business_data instances. I have a question about the PERSISTANCEID. I have created a bdm which is stored in the business_data database. Each class created has a persistanceID. Now, I'm trying to find the mapping in the business_journal database from the persistanceID to the process InstanceID.

I have a value of 1 in the business_data DB and within the business_journal I can't find which process this data goes to.

Do I have to add the processID to my model?

Thank you

Modifying Business Data Model


As I needed a new Business Object in my Business Data Model, I added it after having created the corresponding Business variables and forms. It seems that I cannot initialize the modified business variable, as it appears as null in the UI Designer's context variable.

Should the Business Data Model always be created at the beginning, or is it possible to modify it afterwards ?

Also, some default Java function with a Business Objet do not exist : the "get" function is missing for a boolean variable. Is this a known issue ?

I hope I've been clear enough.