business objects

Call a business data (custom) query with multiple filter

Hey guys,
I created a table like in the "getting started tutorial": and everything works fine.

But now I want to get my table filled not with items via one filter, but with two.
So the actual code looks like this and its working:

Bonita 7.2.3 Input not saved in business data ?


i am creating a process using bonita 7.2.3, i have some problemes with variables :
-step 1 : has form with input1 saved in objectData1
-step :2 input2 (only read) to display objectData1

but when i run the process input2 is empty ?

what is wrong ?

thank you

How to access attributes of a business object defined as an attribute of an other business object with an aggregation relationship in UI designer ?


I defined a Business object like this : BDO1 : name : type string emplacement : type BDO2 with aggregation relationship

BDO2 : emp_name : type string ....

I try to access emp_name of BDO2 in a form so I defined a UI variable to access BDO1 instance like femp | ../{{}} I set a text input with value ==> OK it works I set a text input with value femp.emplacement.emp_name ==> KO

Is there a way to access emp_name from UI designer ? Is this a bug ? a limitation ?

Modifying Business Data Model


As I needed a new Business Object in my Business Data Model, I added it after having created the corresponding Business variables and forms. It seems that I cannot initialize the modified business variable, as it appears as null in the UI Designer's context variable.

Should the Business Data Model always be created at the beginning, or is it possible to modify it afterwards ?

Also, some default Java function with a Business Objet do not exist : the "get" function is missing for a boolean variable. Is this a known issue ?

I hope I've been clear enough.

How to access to a Business Object?


I'm trying to get access to a row in a Businnes Object from an external process (I cannot access from context) but I cannot do this, I get the following exception:

Bonita 7 - UI Designer bug with business object composition?

Hi all, with great excitement I downloaded and installed Bonita 7 today and I created three business object: applicant, application, interview. An appliant has multiple application which have multiple interviews. When I create this as a contract and open the UI designer it generates a nice form but in the preview mode as well as when running the application I can only create applications for the applicant. The buttons generated to create interviews for an application don't work.

Any idea?