Shared form fragments across processes in Bonita 7.2.2. What happens on deployment time?


I have a common form fragment which is shared across multiple forms and multiple processes.
If I modify the fragment and deploy one process which uses it what happens with the other forms that use the fragment? Is the fragment updated in all of them?

Thank you.
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Update BDM From API Rest Extension


Do you know if there is a way to update Business Object from my BDM inside a Rest API extension ?

If yes, where can i find exemples ?



LDAP Syncronizer


I'm configure the LDAP Syncronizer with the documentation http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/ldap-synchronizer-3, when I execute the .bat in Windows, i check the log and appears the following error:

Bonita 7.2.3 Input not saved in business data ?


i am creating a process using bonita 7.2.3, i have some problemes with variables :
-step 1 : has form with input1 saved in objectData1
-step :2 input2 (only read) to display objectData1

but when i run the process input2 is empty ?

what is wrong ?

thank you

Install Bonitasoft on Oracle WebLogic

I want to know, how to install bonitasoft 7.2 on Oracle WebLogic Server. What ares the steps to do it in this enviroment.


SSO CAS - BONITA 7.x community


Nous souhaitons déléguer l'authentification à Bonita (version 7.x commuity) au travers de CAS.

Nous avons suivi ce tutorial pour la version 6.x : http://www.evoketechnologies.com/blog/integrate-sso-authentication-bonit...

Voici ce que nous avons fait :

1 - Création d'un filtre CustomSSOIntegrationFilter

Como puedo validar

Tengo unos campos de entrada y puedo ponerlos en una coleccion y mostrarlos en una tabla pero cuando quiero darle enviar para iniciar el proceso me lanza el siguiente error...gracias

Return a subset of fields from REST app call to bdm

Using v7.2.3

How can we return only certain fields from a business data REST app call? We have a business object with say 20 fields and we just want to populate a select widget on a form. So we only need the value key (persistentId) and a display key. No need to transmit all 20 fields.

Deselecting row in a table

Is there a key / mouse combination for deselecting a row in a table. I would like to be able to hide the detail container setting the selected row to null. I have identified some workaround, but they have side effects.

BDM - Instabilité


J'utilise Bonita 7.2.0.

J'ai une table ayant plusieurs champs pointant sur d'autres tables (utilisation de relations du type "Agrégation" avec l'option "Toujours charger les objets liés").

L'API Rest me retourne un flux JSON avec les informations de la table principale ainsi que les informations des clés érangères (objet JSON imbriqué)

Mon problème est que le service REST est instable. Lorsque je rafraichit le service REST, le flux JSON change : je n'ai parfois rien dans les objets imbriqués ou parfois des valeurs différentes.