How to deploy bonita and changing the URL to a VM Server (Community Edition)


Please help guys. I want to custom my url and deploy my bonita page in VM Server.

Shared form fragments across processes in Bonita 7.2.2. What happens on deployment time?


I have a common form fragment which is shared across multiple forms and multiple processes.
If I modify the fragment and deploy one process which uses it what happens with the other forms that use the fragment? Is the fragment updated in all of them?

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Deploy Bundle not working as welll


J'utilise XAMPP pour déployer mes processus créé à partir de bonita.7.2.2. J'utilise le déploy bundle pour ça et j'ai suivi les instrcutions.

Je n'arrive toujours pas à déployer le fichier .war dans mon serveur (j'utilise tomcat pour info). J'ai cette erreur à chaque fois.

Error using JBoss bundle + SQLServer 2008 (Updating Schema Fails) Bonita v7.1

I'm trying to deploy the BDM into the server since three days ago and i'm facing the following error. Could you help me to solve it, PLEASE?

Stack Trace: