Upload Failed

Impossible de télécharger un document dans un process avec le widget Upload

How to upload a file URL to the postgres database using process variables. Also how to call that uploaded file in a form again to download it

I have prepared a form using the process variable. Now I have to attach a file from the user, This File must be uploaded on the database and another user will download it from another form. So how to upload files to the database and call them for downloading

How can I upload a contract input file from a connector to an external API.

I'm unable to use the existing REST connectors to upload a contract input file as a form parameter to an external API.

I've tried configuring the file upload widget with the external API URL instead of Bonita's file upload API and this is also failing. Screenshot%202020-02-17%20at%201.03.44%20PM.png

Binding a document to a model Instance


I am working on a project where Model A has many Model B's, and each Model B must have a document attached to it. Is there a way to bind a document to an instance of a model and not to the process?

How to access file via selected table object.

Hey guys,
I'm new to bonita and today I tried the upload widget by using this example:

So I can upload in one task a pdf-file and download it again in the next task. That works.
But now I want to download the file in another way. My project looks pretty simple, I have 2 forms and one Page.

Issue in retrieving documents through contract and executing document upload script as connector


This question is in reference to and a follow-up of the query I had posted earlier on this link.

So I have a simple doc upload form that has a list of documents and an file upload widget with each.
In my contract, I have defined a variable of type file that accepts multiple objects --> formDocuments.
In my UI designer I have a similar JSON that takes files that are uploaded through the form.

Complex type contract

I am using the upload widget in UI designer to upload a photo and save it to a document that I have previously defined. I've made a complex contract that contains a child "upload" of type File. When I run the workflow instance, I get the following error: