What are the startDate and lastUpdate values on process_instance table?


We have noticed that for many of our cases in progress, having some completed tasks, the lastUpdate value is the same as the startDate value in the process_instance table.

We have developed our own application, which displays the start date and the last updated date to our users. We are reading data from the process_instance table and assumed that every time a task is submitted the lastUpdate field on this table will be updated accordingly.

Could you please clarify what is the lastUpdate value and the startDate value in the process_instance table?

How to upload a file URL to the postgres database using process variables. Also how to call that uploaded file in a form again to download it

I have prepared a form using the process variable. Now I have to attach a file from the user, This File must be uploaded on the database and another user will download it from another form. So how to upload files to the database and call them for downloading

Edit table Row and Save data in MS SQL DataBase

Good afternoon,

I m working on a process that should get data from MS SQL DB using a connector , and display data in Table. But , I need to add edit and save actions to that Table in order to update some Cells in a table Row and to Save the new row to The same DB.

Im thinking about using another connector to save my Data to DB. But my main concern is : How can I achieve this task.?

(ps:Im not using any BDM ,just some process variables) , any suggestions!

regards !

Is there a method to migrate data from oracle to postgres database for Bonita 6.4.1?

I have a java application with BonitaBPMCommunity-6.4.1-JBoss-7.1.1 with oracle database. I want to migrate this oracle 11.2.0 EE bonita database in postgres 10 bonita database.
I proceeded with a manual migration with the ora2pg tool but I have doubts about scheduled jobs.

In fact at startup I got the following errors

Hibernate error on named query, server doesn't start : how to fix BDM on server without any access to the admin interface ?


I have a problem with an hibernate error on a named query.

I have deployed on a Bonita server a bad BDM with an error in a custom query. The deploy succeed but an hibernate error occurs and the server doesn't start after the update.

Date type is stored in BDM database as string/varchar?

We are using Bonita 7.6.1 with MySQL, and recently realised that the date fields/data are stored as character string/varchar inside the business database? How do we do date-based queries on the business database now?

Anyone has faced/solved this issue please reply.

Upload excel file format to database

Hello everyone, how to upload excel file format (xls or csv) to database in bonita?

Table filled with null each row

Hello Everyone,

Currently im having an issue with my table row. almost all of my table row filled with null. Does anybody here ever experienced this problem? what are the solution to overcome this? and what makes the row filled with null by itself? Here I give you screenshot of my table.

Has anyone faced the ORA-01691 unable to extend lob segment problem?


we are using bonita bpm community edition 7.7.4 with an oracle 12c enterprise database.
We started with a fresh user schema, but after a few weeks of usage the error occured the first time.

Right now bonita tries to extend the lobsegment area by ~ 5GB of data... which is (even with the autoextend options) not possible...

We have removed all active process instances, but the problem still comes up...

Anyone has or had the same problem or can anyone tell me where to find the data, which our bonita node tries to write into the database?

Can the application be deployed locally?

My customer security requirements wont allow their data to be hosted off site.
Can the application and data be deployed/hoted locally?