Can the application be deployed locally?

My customer security requirements wont allow their data to be hosted off site.
Can the application and data be deployed/hoted locally?

How to use DB in-connector?

I want to get data from the database and display it on the WEB screen table.

However, although it seems to use DB connector for the entrance connector, I do not know what to do in "definition of output operation".

Can you tell me what to do?

How to avoid using XA data source, when both the business-db and bonita-db in same host?

I'm using Bonita 7.6.1 with Mysql 5.7.

How to avoid usage of XA data source/connector when both Bonita and business databases in the same host. I've seen the non-XA datasources defined somewhere in the configuration, but I couldn't find where to specify it, so that Bonita will use the non-XA data sources.

Way to connect to my simple form application with postgres database, as by default we are on H2 db?

In the documentation you have given quite difficult approach to connect to any database. Please provide some easy way to do the same thing.

How to write dynamic query in bonita studio bdm?

I have five filter fields in my application home page (dashboard -> where I am showing all the records from h2 DB) now I want to filter the records on these fields basis.
It may require 31 (2^5 -1) queries, some are already provided as default queries.

Isn't there a way to write a dynamic query in "custom queries" or somewhere to get the desired result at UI?

Hash Algorithm for saved password in bonita database

Dear All
I want to retrieve the passwords that saved in "user" table in Bonita database. By the way, i think it has saved by hash algorithm. for example for default password (bpm) the "LcTkpvvquKf4KO+prsfXrQ==" value saved in database. My question is how can i retrieve the passwords?

Thanks in advance

Error Encountered When Running Processes in Bonita after Setting up a Database Connector

Hi Guys,

I have a database connector that executes an insert statement. I created a variable that will be used in insert statement and then I run the process. I also try insert statement with values without using the variable to see if it really inserts data but encountered the error below.

Error Encountered When Running Processes in Bonita

Hi Guys,

I have a database connector that executes an insert statement. Create a variable that will be used in insert statement and then I run the process but encountered the error below.

Insert records in database and output stored data in database (SQL Server)

Hi Guys,

Who knows the step by step and sample code in inserting data into database and how to view the content of database in the UI Designer. I have 2 tables header and details. Please help. Please send sample code or sample bos file. Version of bonita is 7.4.2 Community Edition. I'm using sql server as database.

Installation Mysql Database Bonita BPM platform

Following the official documentation and new to ubuntu / MySQL / Bonita I wish to setup a Bonita BPM platform.
I downloaded the Tomcat-bundle and I wish to setup MySQL Database.

But when looking at the official documentation, the Database must be configured, (it is writed literaly everywhere) there is no informations / guide for MySQL database.

Here is the only thing they say for MySQL :
Maximum packet size