Send an email with Dynamic Table content displayed in it's Body

Good morning ,

So here is the case :

-I want to figure out how to include a table (template that is gonna be filed with dynamic information retrieved from a backend service) in the body of an email sent from Bonita for different users (maybe we will use a connector in this case).

-The content of the table must be displayed in the body of the mail , not as an attachment.

Is there any suggestions to achieve this ?

Edit table Row and Save data in MS SQL DataBase

Good afternoon,

I m working on a process that should get data from MS SQL DB using a connector , and display data in Table. But , I need to add edit and save actions to that Table in order to update some Cells in a table Row and to Save the new row to The same DB.

Im thinking about using another connector to save my Data to DB. But my main concern is : How can I achieve this task.?

(ps:Im not using any BDM ,just some process variables) , any suggestions!

regards !

How to ignore a failed connector and proceed to next step of Bonita process

In one of the Bonita processes, there are few connectors defined, which may fail at times.

But I want to ignore the connector failure and move the Bonita ticket to next stage.

What could be done?

How to develop multiple versions of a connector?


I want to update a connector. I need to add a new parameter.

The point is: the current connector is used a lot in a lot of processes. Good time to use the version facility in Bonitasoft!

  • I have a connector "longWork 1.0" with 40 parameters.

1/ New version?

I go to "connector > Development > New Definition," and I want to design my new version. Hum, I don't have any "copy from" or "new version" here. How can I design my new version? I just need to add one parameter. I don't want to copy the 40 parameters.

Map Rest Connector Object Response into a Process Variable (complex Business Object with MULTIPLE Business OBject, including LISTs)

I am calling this service I've found in other examples https://www.metaweather.com/api/location/44418/, from a REST Connector out and it returns a complex structure.

All the examples I've found extract a single STRING from the complex structure (from bodyAsObject) without issues. I could do so also without any problem.

Statement leak on the connector datasource?


On the project I am working on, we detect a "Too Many Open Cursor" on a data source connector. This connector access anc Oracle Database.

Looking at the data source Connector source


In line 138:

Dynamic URL in the body of a Email connector

Good morning
i want to do this in Bonita: send an Email with a link to my ERP in its body. This is the static URL of my ERP:

Connector related to the TAKE operation and not to the Submit one in a task

Good morning
When i use a connector out for example, that connector is related to the Submit operation in the workflow. I want to know if it is possible to relate a connector to the TAKE operation, that comes before the Submit one.
Thank you very much.

Does there exist a way to make 'Connector In' and 'Connector Out' fields have a compulsory script for every task?

I want my workflow designer to always use 'Connector In' and 'Connector Out' scripts at every station to check the inputs and outputs at the station. Is there a way to make a validation that checks this and prompts them accordingly?
If not, can I make an API call to the bpm so as to automatically make a boilerplate connector in and out groovy script whenever a new task is created?


In a Bonita process, how to wait for the output of a connector(which takes ~5 mins) before moving to the next task?

I need to wait for the output of a Bonita connector, and use the output to evaluate conditions, (if true or false), before going to the next task. But the execution immediately jumps to the next task, without waiting for the connector output. How to freeze Bonita process to wait for the output of a Bonita connector?