Is JasperStudio 5.6.0 compatible with BonitaSoft 7.3.3?

I would like to know if the * .jrxml file generated in Jasper Studio 5.6.0 is compatible with the jasper connector of BonitaSoft 7.3.3 because every time I point the connector to my file the generated PDF is totally white

Insert records in database and output stored data in database (SQL Server)

Hi Guys,

Who knows the step by step and sample code in inserting data into database and how to view the content of database in the UI Designer. I have 2 tables header and details. Please help. Please send sample code or sample bos file. Version of bonita is 7.4.2 Community Edition. I'm using sql server as database.

Has a process wait for external data before continuing

Hi, Hola & Bonjour,

We are using Bonita 7.4.X, subscription edition.

We are building out a large process. At a few points we want our process to wait until data in a SQL DB has been updated.

For example when the process arrives on the task the data in the target DB would return 'Status:Incomplete.' We would want our task to wait until that data has changed to 'Status:Complete.'

[HELP] how to use "db-stored-procedure-1.0.jar

Hi All,

I just downloaded the "db-stored-procedure-1.0.jar" file from

I'm new on this and I don't know how to use this file, please somebody can indicate me how integrate this connector to bonita and how to use it in my processes to call a stored procedure (preferiblely please give me indications for dummies)

I really appretiate your help.

Note: my native language is spanish, please excuse me the gramatical error.

What replaces "deprecated" script connector?

The "in-transaction" script connector is deprecated.

What logic replaces it's functionality? Viz: Creating and updating BDM instances other than those declared in the business data for the process?



Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition?

Is it possible to disable an instance or a connector in Community edition 7.1.4?

I have a lot of instances they send an email every day. At the moment I would like to disable sending.


¿Can I copy an ON Enter, On Finish connector or proceses variables to a task of another workFLow?

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some doubts.

I have to create a sub workflow of another and I have re-use many data base connectors and forms.
Is there any way of copy connectors and BDM, or processes variables from one work flow to another different.
This is because I have to share and re-use a lot of code and I'm copying and creating new connector copying the Groovy Script code, and creating the new BDM's, and processes variables.

Thank you very much.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

How can i re-execute Connector in BPm Community version

Hi ,
i ve a problem with a connector.
i want to re run connector, i know its possible only subscription pack, but i want know a possibilities .....

How can I get Manager Email Address of an Initiated user?

I created a process and I want to send an email to Manager after Initiator Form is completed, how can I send an email to Manager with Email connector?

Getting Data from SOAP webservice in a human task.


I have created a web form associated with a human task in bonita 7.2 workflow. This form is suppose to be taking all it's data from an existing soap webservice. How am I suppose to do that? Also, I think that my SOAP connector is 1.1 as opposed to the one provided by Bonita (1.2).

Thank you!!