Connector CMIS - Download a document doesn't work

Hello !

I use Bonita Community 2021.1 for a few days, and I have a problem with the connector "download a document".

When I try to create the connector, there's a weird text (${cmis-downloaddocument.def.version}) instead of the version in "Definition version" field, and the connector doesn't work.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank's in advance !!

How can I dynamically extract variables into an external Groovy script?

I have a quite large project, where almost all tasks have the same connector applied to them. I've been trying to find a way to move the core functionality of these connector (which is a Groovy script) into a separate Groovy Script file so if I had to change something, I would only have to change the external script file instead of updating each connector one by one for hundreds of tasks. But there is just one problem: I can't for the love of God extract the variables in a dynamic way.

OFFICE Connector insert Data in a .docx template

Good morning ,

Im trying to create a template in which there will be a dynamic table. In this table , I need to add colors based on Conditions , is this even possible if I work with this connector ?

If there is an example , I will be thankful .


Send an email with Dynamic Table content displayed in it's Body

Good morning ,

So here is the case :

-I want to figure out how to include a table (template that is gonna be filed with dynamic information retrieved from a backend service) in the body of an email sent from Bonita for different users (maybe we will use a connector in this case).

-The content of the table must be displayed in the body of the mail , not as an attachment.

Is there any suggestions to achieve this ?

Edit table Row and Save data in MS SQL DataBase

Good afternoon,

I m working on a process that should get data from MS SQL DB using a connector , and display data in Table. But , I need to add edit and save actions to that Table in order to update some Cells in a table Row and to Save the new row to The same DB.

Im thinking about using another connector to save my Data to DB. But my main concern is : How can I achieve this task.?

(ps:Im not using any BDM ,just some process variables) , any suggestions!

regards !

How to ignore a failed connector and proceed to next step of Bonita process

In one of the Bonita processes, there are few connectors defined, which may fail at times.

But I want to ignore the connector failure and move the Bonita ticket to next stage.

What could be done?

How to develop multiple versions of a connector?


I want to update a connector. I need to add a new parameter.

The point is: the current connector is used a lot in a lot of processes. Good time to use the version facility in Bonitasoft!

  • I have a connector "longWork 1.0" with 40 parameters.

1/ New version?

I go to "connector > Development > New Definition," and I want to design my new version. Hum, I don't have any "copy from" or "new version" here. How can I design my new version? I just need to add one parameter. I don't want to copy the 40 parameters.

Map Rest Connector Object Response into a Process Variable (complex Business Object with MULTIPLE Business OBject, including LISTs)

I am calling this service I've found in other examples https://www.metaweather.com/api/location/44418/, from a REST Connector out and it returns a complex structure.

All the examples I've found extract a single STRING from the complex structure (from bodyAsObject) without issues. I could do so also without any problem.

Statement leak on the connector datasource?


On the project I am working on, we detect a "Too Many Open Cursor" on a data source connector. This connector access anc Oracle Database.

Looking at the data source Connector source


In line 138:

Dynamic URL in the body of a Email connector

Good morning
i want to do this in Bonita: send an Email with a link to my ERP in its body. This is the static URL of my ERP: