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Repeat container (collection) to many data makes it slow


My problem is simple, the solution may not be...

I have a List containing ~70-100 objects, each object has ~20 properties, every property needs an input because the user will edit the object properties this way. The problem with this is, that it is really slow... and laggs. Is there a way to speed this up or it simply cannot handle this much input fields?

Manipulate elements of repeat container using Javascript


I'm trying to manipulate two select widgets in a repeat container using the UI Designer in Bonita BPM 7.8.3. The behaviour that I want to implement is:

  1. In the first select widget I choose a country from a list stored in a variable.

  2. Based on the value of the country, I want to load in the second select widget the states of that country . I'm trying to use a Javascript Expression to implement it, but I can not access to contextual variables (e.g.: $collection, $item, $index) in the Javascript Expression (I can only access to $data).

Prevent JS execution on every keystroke


I have a collection of text input widgets on a simple UI Designer form, as well as some javascript expression variables that are dependent on them. Currently, the js expressions execute on every keystroke captured in the inputs.

How can I ensure that the js expressions only execute when the user is finished entering data into the text widgets? I assume I can do this by making use of onKeyUp or similar with a JS timeout function, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this in UI designer.

The text input data will not have a specific minimum length.

Showing Data from MySQL at Bonita BPM UI Designer

Hello Everyone,

I do my thesis using Bonita BPM to making Business Process.

I want to ask something:

I already connect to the mysql with the script "SELECT * FROM Table Where Field = 'field'" I want to showing the result in the UI Designer. But I don't know how to do that. Can somebody help me what should I do.

Anyway the deadline is 1 week. So I kinda stressful about that. Thank you so much!

alinear a la derecha una columna de una tabla UI designer

buenas, he estado tratando de alinear a la derecha una columna de una tabla el cual contiene montos de una factura pero no se como puedo hacerlo

BDM API: how to add a filter with multiple values (OR) to the external API variable

I have an external API variable in my form which returns the count of an entity created by a particular user with one specific value for a specific attribute (tipo).


i need this variable to return the count this entity with any of 2 specific values for this attribute (i need to add an OR clause in the URL and dont know how to do it).

"Child" Table Widget fails to render the content of an array

I've been following a vacation example to implement a living app page with the following UI using Community Edition (v. 7.5.4):
- there is a top-level table with main contents
- when user clicks on the top-level table row and selects it, the row details are rendered in a separate container.

UI Designer Fragment in Community Edition ?


is there any plan (chance) that the fragment feature of UI Designer in Subscription Edition will be available in Community Edition ?

Currently, to me, this is probably the most useful feature "missing" in Community Edition.

If no plan, is there any good practice (trick) to save time when we must propagate a change in a part of a form (or page) that is common to a lot of forms ?

In advance, thanks for your response and advice.

Best regards,


How to use Java Objects with UI Designer

I have a very simple Java class with two Integer variables and their getters and setters.
Nothing special. My goal is a Set Data task to take two numbers for a and b (from the form) and the next task Get Data to print in the form, using class functions. I want this through setters and getters. I just cannot find an example with newer Bonita versions (in the previous versions was too easy to do something like that) about Java objects and UI Designer.

In the end, I just desperately need a tutorial about java objects + ui designer and there isn't one for newer version.

How to set the Select widget Initial value from BDM object

I want to use business data to set the initial value of Select widget.

I will explain what I would like to achieve.
In the previous task, I get the value of the Select from user and set this data in business data object, and then use this value for the Select widget's initial value in the next task, so the user does not have to select, but still be able to change the value of select if it is necessary (the actor groups in this 2 tasks are different, so this 2 user should be different person).