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¿Por que no es evaluada una expresión JSON en las formas?

Hola, tengo una situación con Bonita 7.2.1 community donde las variables tipo JSON no son evaluadas en la forma y se visualiza la estructura JSON completa, Esto sucede apenas siguiendo el tutorial http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/getting-started-tutorial-2 con Google Chrome y Firefox. Esta imagen corresponde a la forma reviewTravelRequest pero sucede lo mismo con TravelTool.

can we add url inside a dynamically generated Table (TableWidget), which redirects to process a new task?


can we add url inside a dynamically generated Table (TableWidget), which redirects to process a new task?

Bonita version 7.0.1

data1 | data2 | data3 | link

data4 | data5 | data6 | link

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Repeatable container styling

Hi everybody,

i'm trying to style a repeated container item depending on the value of a boolean variable. There is a list of bdms with attributes like date, text and author and so on... So if the bdm comes from a customer i want to use a other style (color, alignment) than if it were from an internal employee.

Obtaining data from a custom widget

Hi, in my main form i have an variable name "isValid" ($data.isValid) and i need to take the value from a Custom Widget, the widget is this:

Al poblar una tabla desde un objeto List<List> me muestra todos los valores en la primera columna [4, 2006, 3] - bonita 7

Buenas tardes a toda la comunidad.
Soy nuevo en Bonita y desde hace un tiempo que tengo problemas para poblar una tabla en el UI Designer con los datos que desde un conector puse en una variable collection (Una Lista de Lista).

To reduce elements in select by previous selections


I have a container formInput.contract.controlli. controlli is an array.
The select widget value is: $item.
The select widget available values is: controllos (Rest/Json) ['Pippo','Pluto','Paperino','Linux'].

When I add a new select widget with button add, I want that the number of element is reduced by previous selections.

How to update form created in UI designer when Contract changed


I use Bonitasoft 7 Community Edition and UI Designer.

I have a human task and I created Contract and form in UI Designer. Later I changed (or added) variable in Contract. Is it possible to update form automatically? Or how can I add new widget for any variable from Contract.

How can I format Labels in UI Designer? How can I set color, font, size, ... for Label without using CSS? (Html tags did not work for Labels).

Note: An "Undo" button will be useful in UI Designer :)

Thank you!

Creating a 'Read-Only' Container

Bonitasoft 7 Community Edition.
UI Designer.

I am trying to build out a lengthy form. This form is initially filled out by one user and then passed to other users who will have access to edit a select number of inputs and fields based on their group IDs. While I can set each widget to be dependent on that variable, I would prefer to be able to organize the form into relevant containers and set each container to be 'Read Only' under certain conditions.

Is there a way, or a work around to set container widgets with 'Read Only'?

Thank you

How to update business data model with RestAPI

how to update business data model with RestAPI?

I tried:
Request url: http://../API/bdm/businessData/{businessDataType}
Request method: PUT
Request payload: A business data (in JSON format)

But It does not work!


How can I change the starting day on calendar from Datepicker

I began to use new UI Designer 7.0.2 and found out that the popup calendar view from Datepicker widget was more simplified and sophisticated. However, the starting day of calendar is "Monday" that is still fixed, and we can not change it to "Sunday". The starting day of calendar differ by nation and also displaying need of week numbers differ by nation.