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List is not properly loading in bonita ui select widget

I am trying to show list values in select widget in bonita ui using process variable but its not working .I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.3.3 Studio. Its showing values character by character not as string values.It should show values like:

some 1
some 2
but its displaying values like:

My whole process is given at link.

Select widget using bdm in bonita ui

I want to show list of IDs and string in bonita ui select widget. I am new to bonita I have done this using process variable but i need it using bdm. can anybody provide a guide or solution. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

display dynamic list in Select widget

I am trying to fetch values from PostgreSQL database and want to show these values in drop down /select box in Bonita ui designer. I have study many tutorial but not found complete useful information. I am new to Bonita so confused about how to show list of values in select box and pass selected value to next step. I have worked with input field and passed user input value using process variable to next step but do not how to work with dynamic select box.

Set value in select box

Hello everyone.
I want to use select box in UI Designer which take data from variable(List of string defined in studio).
can anyone help me?
Thanks a lot.
(I use Bonita BPM Community Edition 7.1.2)