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I was thinking about using chatbot technologies to interact with Bonita, either from bonita to the user (ex. asking a question and waiting for a yes or no answer to proceed to the next activity) or from the user to bonita (ex. starting a process or another, choosing an answer or sending a document).

Do you think Bonita could handle this ? If so, what API would you use ? With which limitations ?

Thanks for your answer,

FlowNodeNotFoundException in Bonita 7.3.1

I want to use bonita ui forms in BonitaBPMCommuntiy-7.3.1-tomcat-7.0.67. I have added permissions profile|User=[flownode_visualization] in but i am still getting following error. what should i do now?

Add custom link in side navigation menu in bonita tomcat portal

I need to add custom link in side menu /main menu in BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67.Any kind of help will be appreciated.

List is not properly loading in bonita ui select widget

I am trying to show list values in select widget in bonita ui using process variable but its not working .I am using Bonita BPM Community Edition
Version : 7.3.3 Studio. Its showing values character by character not as string values.It should show values like:

some 1
some 2
but its displaying values like:

My whole process is given at link.

Process Vraiable is not working in bonita ui

I am trying to display process variable using external API in bonita ui but its only working with administrator but not with simple user.

Select widget using bdm in bonita ui

I want to show list of IDs and string in bonita ui select widget. I am new to bonita I have done this using process variable but i need it using bdm. can anybody provide a guide or solution. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

User Task Not Found Exception using BDM in Bonita ui

I have developed test application using BDM and Bonita ui designer in Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1. I have business object named "BusinessObject1" with one string type name and "namebd" as Business Variables of "BusinessObject1".
In Step1 i created one Input:

formInput | {"nameInput" : {"name" : ""}} | JSON
in step1 operations i added:
namebd steName

How to access process variable in Bonita ui

I have tried simple process variable example given at link using BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67.Process Variable is accessible when i run process in bonita studio but when i run process in tomcat bundle then process variable is inaccessible. It is accessible only when user is administrator. How to access process variable when user is simple user but not administrator.

Bonita Tomcat-7.0.67 configuration with PostgresSql

I am trying to configure bonita tomcat bundle with Postgres. I have successfully connected PostgresSql with bonita tomcat bundle.But its not working with Bonita ui designer forms. Process containing Bonita ui designer forms running successfully in Bonita studio but not working in tomcat bundle in form of .bar file. I have following the steps below to connect with PostgresSql with Bonita Tomcat-7.0.67 bundle. Tell me if i am missing any step. After configuration i got 81 tables in bonita database.

Bonita ui designer forms are not working with Postgres

I have tired simple process variable example given at link using BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67. Its working well in bonita studio. I have made .bar file of process and upload it in process tab in bonita tomcat bundle portal. But neither its fetching process variable values nor passing to next Step Step1/Step2.