Ajax datatable with child row


First of all, I am sorry that the question is too broad.

I want to create a custom widget with a data table. The JSON format is as follows.
I want to follow the data table example: https://www.datatables.net/examples/api/row_details.html

How to call the BDM API through AJAX from JavaScript Expression in UI Designer?

I am using Bonita version 7.7.4.

I want to call the BDM API from the** Javascript Expression** through AJAX to get the specific data through query if a specific field is selected.

For now, I am doing this by creating a variable of External API in the UI Designer to get all the data from BDM in those variables.

Looking forward to an answer.

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer?

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer? I ask because I need that according to the information selected in the first page of the UI Designer only the information corresponding to the selected record is displayed, for that I thought to use a select that returns the respective data to me. And for that I would need AJAX to be secure that connection. If you have another idea how I can do this display without having to go back to BonitaSoft Studio and need to create another task for this I thank you.

Obtaining data from a custom widget

Hi, in my main form i have an variable name "isValid" ($data.isValid) and i need to take the value from a Custom Widget, the widget is this:

REST API - ajax

hi, i am using ajax to get data from bonita, it works whith an application in the same server but doesn't work from another server. how can i write the server side part ? thank you