Unit tests for javascript functions of forms created with UI Designer.


Is there any way to write Unit Tests for javascript functions of forms created in UI Designer?

Can not get Token from header in javascript


I am trying to start a process from the api. From reading through the internet I found out, that HttpOnly-Cookies can not be accessed withing javascript.

I got the Bonita Tomcat bundle running. I am trying to call from my Vue.js application.

So how am I able to get the Cookies to authenticate for posting to the Bonita API to eg start a Case? So far, whenever using post I get a 401 Unauthorized error.

How to run script only once (at the loading of a given form) ?


I have a form using Bonita and a script that load all the items from my database.

I would like to be able to run a Javascript function that run only ONCE when the form is loaded from the user to get all my items and store it locally (temporary)

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

JavaScript, JSON and REST APIs Help

Good evening everyone,
I am a junior management engineer from Italy. I woud be glad to recieve some help since I don't know where to start studying JavaScript, JSON and REST APIs. These are all presented as Bonita pre-requisites to fully manage the software according the "Getting started" tutorial. I would like to use Bonita as I am taking part in a group project at my University which involves modelling a water depuration process.

Any help and suggestions are welcome.
Thank you for your attention!

Close modal automatically after task execution

I am developing an application page and on my main page the tasks are opened within a modal that I developed following this tutorial (https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/bonita/7.5/uid-modal-tutorial)
I would like it to function as the default Portal and after the task has been executed, the modal closes automatically.

How do I close automatically the modal after executing the task?

Within the modal I am using an iframe to open the task.

Iframe Code -


How to call the BDM API through AJAX from JavaScript Expression in UI Designer?

I am using Bonita version 7.7.4.

I want to call the BDM API from the** Javascript Expression** through AJAX to get the specific data through query if a specific field is selected.

For now, I am doing this by creating a variable of External API in the UI Designer to get all the data from BDM in those variables.

Looking forward to an answer.

How can I filter what autors do?

I already established an employee and a boss for to types of task, but when I run the pool every user can do any task, so I cannot get the action to evaluate vacations assigned just to the supervisor.

Please let me know where exactly can I do this and how should I do it... could anybody give me an example.

How to perform Javascript function using a button in UI Designer

I have an HTML file that calls certain functions of a javascript file when a button is clicked. I've been able to import a javascript file into the UI Designer but I can not make a button that performs a certain function of that javascript file, is it possible?

Can't get document by url or id

Hey guys,
I read this: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/documents-0 and tried to implement this but faild.
I tried two ways, that I will show you and maybe some of you can help me and say what the next steps could be.

First try:
I got the url of my pdf, its: documentDownload?fileName=BookOne.pdf&contentStorageId=1643