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Define defaults fields for all rows in an Array in UI Designer

I was have problems to keep the default values ​​set on all rows of an Array in the Desginer UI.
In short, the first line of my Array in the Designer User Interface came with the defaults values ​​normally set, but clicking the button to add a new line in the Array did not fill the fields with the defaults values.
But with the help of Antoine Mottier along with an example that he created to help me, I was able to resolve this impasse easily. Here is the link to download the file * .bos example, any questions that you still have, I can help.

How to call the BDM API through AJAX from JavaScript Expression in UI Designer?

I am using Bonita version 7.7.4.

I want to call the BDM API from the** Javascript Expression** through AJAX to get the specific data through query if a specific field is selected.

For now, I am doing this by creating a variable of External API in the UI Designer to get all the data from BDM in those variables.

Looking forward to an answer.

How to perform Javascript function using a button in UI Designer

I have an HTML file that calls certain functions of a javascript file when a button is clicked. I've been able to import a javascript file into the UI Designer but I can not make a button that performs a certain function of that javascript file, is it possible?

Can't get document by url or id

Hey guys,
I read this: https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/documents-0 and tried to implement this but faild.
I tried two ways, that I will show you and maybe some of you can help me and say what the next steps could be.

First try:
I got the url of my pdf, its: documentDownload?fileName=BookOne.pdf&contentStorageId=1643

Conditional required fields across tabs


I have a form in UI Designer that makes use of two tabs in a tabs container widget.

How can I make it so that when Field A on Tab 1 has data entered, Field B on Tab 2 is no longer required?

Thanks in advance.

How to add a Placeholder to Text Area in UI designer forms

I am trying to add a placeholder to the Text Area in the UI designer Forms.

Normal Input widgets have placeholder property but Text Area does not .

How to add that Property to text area .

Do we need to use css ? Please suggest a way to add that.


Prefilled Form

Hi all. In my user task the form has a contract and in the operations the contract values are assigned to process variables.
I would like to enable users to edit their form in a next step, so the next time i need the form to be filled with the previously submitted values.
I can see that you can create new variables in the Design UI, using the rest api, eg. to create External API variable using the url ../API/bpm/caseVariable/{{task.caseId}}/my-process-variable-name. The returned json contains the type and value in string variables.

UI Designer for final user

Hi please i need your help..

Is possible offer the use of the UI Designer to the final users? I mean if exists a requirement where the final user need create yourself screens (forms) is possible with UI Designer?

I am attent.


Table that allows you to select one more line

I need a table that allows the user to select more than one row, nowadays if I assign the table a String or JSON variable I can only select a row from the table, is there any way to be able to select more than one row in a table at the UI Designer?

Is two queries in a request possible?

É possível utilizar duas consultas na mesma requisição no UI Designer?