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Datos de Conector MySQL en UI designer

Intento usar los datos de un select a una base de datos MySQL en diversos campos (autocomplete, select) en el UI designer siguiendo los siguientes pasos:

How can I display some case details when I click the case in a table row?

I am following this old tutorial to create a table with all the cases and then be able to see some details of each case when you click one of the table rows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B34eJdgGdt4&t=221s.

I have two variables:

  • Name: report, Value: ..//API/bdm/businessData/com.company.model.BusinessObject?q=find&p=0&c=10, Type: External API
  • Name: selectedReport, Type: String

In the first container there is a table with:

Trier par donnée dans un formulaire un champ bdm


Je vous explique mon problème.

j'ai deux tables : une table secteur et une table lycée qui a un lien avec la table secteur. Un user appartient à un secteur et j'aimerais que lors du formulaire, il n'est que le choix des lycées qui sont dans son secteur. Par conséquent il faudrait trier la liste des lycées par le secteur du user. Cela est-il possible et si cela l'est, comment peut-on faire ?

Je vous remercie par avance de vos réponses.



Problema en cambio de Widget

Tengo este problema, generé un Objeto de negocio y a partir de el se generá el formulario, intente cambiar el tipo de widget de Input a CheckList, pero cuando doy en guardar me arroja el siguiente Error.

Debug message
Error while validating expected inputs

Usar mis variables de proceso en UI Designer

He creado una variable de proceso, una lista de objetos java, para poder realizar un conector de entrada con mi base de datos sql server. Ahora quisiera mostrar en un select de mi formulario creado con UI Designer los valores, pero solo me permite dar como valores de salida las variables de negocio creada con mi modelo de datos, no las de proceso. ¿Como podría mostrar dichas variables de proceso en el select?

un saludo y muchas gracias de antemano :)

BDR offline in UI Designer


On a fresh installation of version 7.10.4 or 7.10.5, I have a message in the UI Designer instead of the BDM icon on the left, I have an icon with a message on the right that says in french something like : unable to connect to business model, try to restart Studio to solve the error.

Restarting the studio does not change anything, neither reinstalling.

When I check in dev mode in the browser I can see a request to the business data repository in error :

How do I make the collections widget display at least one field by default?


Does anyone know how to set up the collections widget in the UI Designer so that one input field is displayed as the form loads? Currently, I have to manually press the button with a plus sign to add one input field, and I want 1 input field to already be shown when the page loads. I think this is because the Business Data Model doesn't allow me to set an attribute as multiple and mandatory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how to set a default selection in a dynamically generated radio buttons


I have a page made with UI designer which contains a radio buttons widget.

The available values are filled using a javascript expression retrieving all the groups the user belongs to :

function getGroupNames(data) {
var noms = [];
for( var i = 0; i < data.length; i++ ) {
noms[i] = data[i].group_id.name;
return noms;

return getGroupNames( $data.listeGroupes );

The selected value is a string variable.

Define defaults fields for all rows in an Array in UI Designer

I was have problems to keep the default values ​​set on all rows of an Array in the Desginer UI.
In short, the first line of my Array in the Designer User Interface came with the defaults values ​​normally set, but clicking the button to add a new line in the Array did not fill the fields with the defaults values.
But with the help of Antoine Mottier along with an example that he created to help me, I was able to resolve this impasse easily. Here is the link to download the file * .bos example, any questions that you still have, I can help.