How can I display some case details when I click the case in a table row?

I am following this old tutorial to create a table with all the cases and then be able to see some details of each case when you click one of the table rows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B34eJdgGdt4&t=221s.

I have two variables:

  • Name: report, Value: ..//API/bdm/businessData/com.company.model.BusinessObject?q=find&p=0&c=10, Type: External API
  • Name: selectedReport, Type: String

In the first container there is a table with:

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Pierre-yves Monnet

This page runs different static rules, to detect in advance some error a process may have during the production.

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Navegar de pagina a pagina mediante link

Hola! Estoy intentando crear una aplicacion con paginas usando UI Desinger, pero cuando intento conectar un link con otra pagina no soy capaz de que funcione correctamente.

¿Alguien sabe hacer para que desde un widgets link me rediriga hacia otra pagina? ¿Que valor tengo que poner en UI Desinger?

Gracias :)

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How to get the process form URL by Engine API

Hi everyone

I have a sample process which has a instantiation form with an external URL, so I want to retrieve this URL from Engine API but I couldn't find any solution to retrieve the URL, but I have know that in Rest API with can gain the URL by "/bonita/API/form/mapping" and passing the processDefinitionId and type but I need a way for Engine API.

Thanks for your replies.