How to access the Bonita Version?


How can I access, in the JAVA API, the Bonita Version where the code is running?

I see this information is available in the PlatformAPI, but to get this object, it's mandatory to have a PlatformSession ( :-( )

In the MonitoringAPI, there are information on the JVM, but not Bonita itself.

And in the portal, Setting : you have it! I saw a REST API here, but the version is not in the return (it's seem the version in in the HTML only? Strange).

Form Mapping API


It will be super to have more explanation in the Bonita API.

I search to clone a process to a new one. i'm looking to clone the form Mapping;

1/ How to process the current list of form?

I believe this is :

SearchOptionsBuilder search = new SearchOptionsBuilder(0,100);
search.filter(FormMappingSearchDescriptor.PROCESS_DEFINITION_ID, processDesign.processDefinitionId);
SearchResult searchFormMapping = processAPI.searchFormMappings(search.done());

Then we can loop on the form Mapping

Transitions via Engine API


I need to get de value of transitions that was in the conditions of the gateways via Engine Api. After doing a search i found the methods getOutgoingTransitions() and getIncommingTransitions() in Engine API. Can someone help me to use this methods?



Can a process created programmatically using Engine API be exported?

Can a process created programmatically using Engine API (reference https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/6.x-7.2/create-process) be exported programmatically into a bar file so that the process diagram can be viewed in BPM Studio?

If yes, pls share engine APIs for exporting the created process.

Get all groups of a task ID's actor


I'm trying to find a way in groovy through which, I can get all the groups that are allowed to execute a task. I am trying to write a script at the "connector in" of a station that gets me this data. Even the actor's API takes processDefinitionId as an argument, and not taskId/activityId. I want the actors with respect to that instance, could you help me out?


BDM Unique Constraint for Active Processes only


I have a process in which each process instance has a BDM object associated with it. If a process has started with a BDM object, I want to prevent users from being able to start another process using the same object as the existing process. If I use a unique constraint on the ID field of my BDM object, users are prevented from ever being able to start a process using an object that was used in the past, which is not what I want. I only want to ensure that a process cannot be started using an object that is being used in an active process.

Engine API or REST API?


I'm new in development with Bonita BPM. I'm creating a test app using Spring Boot and I want to connect it to Bonita BPM.
My cuestion is if the Engine API has the same methods as the REST API. If this it's true, I can use the Engine API in the code in a simplier and faster way than using the REST API.

Problème Date avec l'engine API coté Java


Je veux executer une tache partir de l'engine API avec des données définies dans un contrat. Mon problème viens du contrat qui contient une entrée de type date (LOCALDATE) et je ne sais pas exactement quoi envoyer dans la HashMap.

Détail de l'erreur :
org.bonitasoft.engine.bpm.contract.ContractViolationException: USERNAME=walter.bates | Error while validating expected inputs: [2018-04-04 cannot be assigned to LOCALDATE]

How to get the process form URL by Engine API

Hi everyone

I have a sample process which has a instantiation form with an external URL, so I want to retrieve this URL from Engine API but I couldn't find any solution to retrieve the URL, but I have know that in Rest API with can gain the URL by "/bonita/API/form/mapping" and passing the processDefinitionId and type but I need a way for Engine API.

Thanks for your replies.

How to pass a complex type in processAPI.startProcess

Hi all
I want to pass a complex type to my process while I want to call the processAPI.startProcess but I totally don't know how to do this, I thought that maybe below code could help me but it couldn't.