BDM Unique Constraint for Active Processes only


I have a process in which each process instance has a BDM object associated with it. If a process has started with a BDM object, I want to prevent users from being able to start another process using the same object as the existing process. If I use a unique constraint on the ID field of my BDM object, users are prevented from ever being able to start a process using an object that was used in the past, which is not what I want. I only want to ensure that a process cannot be started using an object that is being used in an active process.

groovy DAO, access to BDM on an actor filter groovy


I have a question, i have tried in a lot of ways to make the connection to the BDM on a java class actor filter implementation.

Looking on the package explorer, i can see this is a groovy script and that is my question, is there posible to connect to the BDM on a groovy script.

My class is

how to load data from the database?

Hi everyone
I'm trying to work with engine API to work with my processes, and I don't want to use REST API, so I need to know how can I export my DAO file from the Bonita studio and import it into my java project to work with it?

should I implement the DAO class myself?