How are UI designer Artifacts saved in Bonita server ?


Good afternoon everyone , I just wanna ask a question about UI designer Artifact , how they are saved in Bonita server ?!

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As Delphine said,

At Dev time, in your studio, every Pages / Forms / Layout / Fragments / Custom Widgets are stored on the file system (in the studio Workspace).

At Runtime, we have two possibilities:

- Forms linked to a process are stored in the Bonita data base, as part of the process (in the .bar file)

- Other Pages, Forms or Layout that you can deploy separately, on your server, are also stored in the Bonita data base, but as a Resource.(see

The Fragments and custom Widgets are not visible in this data base, as they are always include in the artifacts that depend on them. (For example, the UI Designer implementation of a fragment used in a page will be include in the zip of this page. This allows resources to be stand alone, if you import any in an empty UI Designer, it will install the page and the related fragment and custom widget.)


Hi Fatma,

All the artifacts of your application are saved in your workspace, in your project folder.

A workspace is a directory where Bonita Studio stores files such as Studio configuration settings (shared by all projects in the workspace) and projects folders. When you install Bonita Studio, a default workspace is created automatically: the folder is named workspace and is located in your Studio installation folder.

A project is a directory within your workspace including all the artifacts you will use (pages, forms, widgets, process diagrams, organization, etc.)

All the information about the UI artifacts management is available in our Documentation.

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Submitted by fatma.ghorbel_1... on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 17:58

Yeah I know but I mean there is no database persistence or something for widgets or pages ?

what is the mechanism applied to do such a save ?

Submitted by delphine.coille... on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 18:33

All process data are stored in Bonita database (H2 in local environment, other database installed with your Bonita server for other environments)

All business data will be stored in the database used specifically for it.

All artifacts supporting those data are stored in your workspace. And when exporting all artifacts to deploy your application, they will be part of your .bar file.

I hope I made it clearer for you :-)