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Perform Select in UI Designer via API REST with a Process Variable

I need to select the data from my BDM according to the contents of a process variable, I have already been able to change the select via API REST with the contents of a UI Designer transitor variable, but now I need the contents to be of a process variable , it is possible?

Assign a process variable in a REST API variable in the UI Designer, is it possible?

I have a login screen where according to the user that is logging I need to display only the companies that he / she attends, I was able to assign to a process variable the respective company code to the user who accessed the system and I have a BDM where all the Registered companies are already available to be displayed in the UI Designer but I do not know how to display the companies that have the same code as the user that is accessing, so I thought of creating a API REST variable that would only return companies with the same code , But I can not put a process variable in this query, is

Add Multiple Row of a UI Designer Form to Process Variables

I need to create a page in the UI Designer that is a sort of place to select the products that will be added to an order, I saw the example of Expense Reports, where all created lines are added in an array, but how I am bringing data from the External data (PostgreSQL) to display to the user, I need to assign the value of the selected row to a UI Designer transient variable, so I can see the sales price according to the selected product.

select via API REST variable

How to mount a select via API REST variable with a JSON type variable in UI Designer? I need this so I do not have to be returning to the studio to be able to select.

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer?

Is it possible to use PHP and AJAX in UI Designer? I ask because I need that according to the information selected in the first page of the UI Designer only the information corresponding to the selected record is displayed, for that I thought to use a select that returns the respective data to me. And for that I would need AJAX to be secure that connection. If you have another idea how I can do this display without having to go back to BonitaSoft Studio and need to create another task for this I thank you.

Passing Informed Data in the UI Designer Form to an ArrayList

I have a form that was created in BonitaSoft's UI Designer, where I display the products that the customer can select to want to buy, but if he wants to buy more than one type of product I'm having difficulty passing this information to my business variables.

So I thought I'd save this information in an ArrayList and then pass that information on to the business variables, but I do not think I can do it with the variables that are posted to UI Designer.

If you have any idea how I can do this, it will be very well accepted.

Javascript Error and Converting Id to Name in Custom Case Overview


I have an error in my custom overview page. My error is java script cannot execute properly and my conversion of id to name using the API identity is not working.

The java script contains this one. $item is the value of my collection. It gets the value of the company in my bdm. Since this is a custom overview for me to get the value of bdm i created a container a put the value in collection.

How to set the initial value of Input Form in UI Designer


Just want to ask how to show in the input field a specific value. I want to show it once the task is been returned to the user for them to see the initial value and then they will decide whether to retain the value or not. I used java scripting method but it is not working. I don't know if my javascript below is correct since I dont know the name or id of the input box in bonita. I only use the value I assign as the name of the field and then set the value.

Here is my javascript below: