How to access data from a subarray by UI Designer?


How can I access data from a subarray in UI Designer? Following the example of expense reports that is available in Bonita Community, I was able to add the data to an array in the UI Designer and then bring them to the BonitaSoft studio, however I have a dropdown that should be filled according to item Selected in the first dropdown, according to the following image:

To get fill the second dropdown was using a variable REST API that brought me the content of the BDM that was with the same code selected, my API REST is like this:


But there where the number "2" I do not know what I put so that it only brings me data according to the first selected dropdown

And I confirmed my array is being filled correctly from acorod with the selected item:

What I really need now is figuring out how to access the item in this array so I can fill the second dropdown correctly

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