Select a value in select widget

in Bonita 7 UI Designer, I have a form with select widget.
The available values are: (Rest/Json) persons [{'1','Pippo'},{'2','Pluto'},{'1','Topolino'}]
I have a variable selectedPerson {'2','Pluto'}
When I load the form, I want that Pluto is selected!

How can I do?


Rest API get users in group

Hello, In my Bonita I have the id_group = 102

In Rest API, what is the url for get all users in group 102?

Thanks in advance Manolo

My connector fails, using resteasy-jaxrs

Dear Community,

my version of Bonita BPM: Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 6.2.4

I'm trying to implement a "Donation Task" in BonitaBPM which posts a donation using a donation-service. This RESTful service is running on my local machine on a JBoss AS.

My goal is to implement a connector which calls the donation-service using this maven-dependency: "org.jboss.resteasy:resteasy-jaxrs:2.2.1.GA". Obviously it is not possible to add Maven-Dependencies to BonitaBPM, therefore i added all .jar-Files from that dependency to the connector.