Change password BonitaSoft 7.4.1


I try to create an application to change user password using the javascript expression XMLHttpRequest

This method works in version 7.3.1, but does not work in version 7.4.1 and also in version 7.5.1

return function()
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

if($data.newPasswordDetails.newPassword == $data.newPasswordDetails.confirmPassword)

How to achieve a LEFT JOIN between two tables


I have a table A and other B. Table B has an aggregated field referring table A.
I am trying to list all elements from table A not referenced in table B.
The goal is to show this list in a process Form.

How can I do it:

  • Through JPQL
  • Through Javascript

Thanks a lot !

Javascript brokens when uploading file using chrome browser

Hi there.

I'm facing a (new) problem trying to upload files in Google Chrome (versions 55 or 57, the same behavior).
The browser console shows me the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null
at jsd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2686)
at Wqd (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2592)
at wm (6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2540)
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:1949
at 6DE7E7109D6A9A5FD243E59C759F3789.cache.html:2243

Javascript inside a Bonita Designer form


I have a observation.
The Scenario is that I have a custom Living app page. There I have 2 separate Lists of type multiple.
My contract is a Single list of Type multiple.

What i am doing here is Adding the values of the 2 lists together and sending it to my contract.
I am using JavaScript to perform this.
In side the custome page , it works fine.

Using Passport.js for Bonita REST API

Hello Team,

I'm trying to develop a MEAN app interfacing with the bonita rest API. I'm using the passport.js that is included in the seed that I've built. I having some issues integrating passport.js with the bonita login rest api. Has anyone done this before? I have a node script that calls the login rest api, gets cookie, then calls a get process service. This works just fine. But when trying to integrate into existing application, I can't get it to work.

To reduce elements in select by previous selections


I have a container formInput.contract.controlli. controlli is an array.
The select widget value is: $item.
The select widget available values is: controllos (Rest/Json) ['Pippo','Pluto','Paperino','Linux'].

When I add a new select widget with button add, I want that the number of element is reduced by previous selections.

Select a value in select widget

in Bonita 7 UI Designer, I have a form with select widget.
The available values are: (Rest/Json) persons [{'1','Pippo'},{'2','Pluto'},{'1','Topolino'}]
I have a variable selectedPerson {'2','Pluto'}
When I load the form, I want that Pluto is selected!

How can I do?


Add script after Body tag

I'd like to add a script just after the

How to develop a widget type select with the name Select1 passing variable to Select2 in form? (drill down, dependence between widget)

Group; I'm using BonitaSoft Community version 6.5.2 ;

I have the following challenge:

Make a Select type widget with the name bd_mnt_niveis1 be criteria to display values ​​in the widget name bd_mnt_niveis2 (Type a drill down or dependent list) and so then to bd_mnt_niveis3 as below:

image I have the variables in the Pool:

Data type: Objeto Java Class: java.util.List Is multiple