Text widget and ng-expression

Hi all,
I am trying to use ng-if expression inside a text widget, but without success.
<div ng-if="{{}}">Email: {{my_var.mail}}</div>
will print "Email: " either is empty or not.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

How to refresh a widget


I have a process built in Bonita 7.1.2. and I've made a summary page for all the active cases. I use some widgets as a Data Table, texts, etc.

My question is, how can I put a button or something that refreshes the data on the summary page? I don't want implement a method that refreshes the window, I only want to refresh the Data Table.

Thanks in advance.


Using Passport.js for Bonita REST API

Hello Team,

I'm trying to develop a MEAN app interfacing with the bonita rest API. I'm using the passport.js that is included in the seed that I've built. I having some issues integrating passport.js with the bonita login rest api. Has anyone done this before? I have a node script that calls the login rest api, gets cookie, then calls a get process service. This works just fine. But when trying to integrate into existing application, I can't get it to work.

Can I change the AngularJS version from 1.3.18 to 1.4.2, which fixed the timezone display problem?

In Bonita 7.1, the timezone display was still incorrect. Though it fixed the problem of displaying correct local timezone according to locale, but it does not follow the timezone filter specified by AngularJS. The root cause was because it was still using Angular 1.3.x which does not support timezone offset.

I found the UI designer embedded AngularJS in WEB-INF/classes/static/js/vendors-xxxxx.min.js. Is it safe to replace with version 1.4.2?

Can I to add angular code in form web pages ?

Hi all,

Can I to add angular code like controllers, services or factories and if I can, could you to tell me how to do it please ?


How to deploy an AngularJS apps in Bonita Tomcat

How to deploy an AngularJS apps in Bonita Tomcat . I have a Bonita Comunity installation, not a suscription version.
and the second question is :

It is possible to execute AngularJs code in for example Apache not in BonitaTomcat?. Because in this Webinar video :

the application is deployed in Tomcat.


Issue making a "Loading..." text for a widget.


I've made a custom widget for retrievieng some information about a case using the $http service (XHR) from AngularJS.

The widget loads successfully the data but it appears by parts (since it loads) then I put a div with te directive ngShow for showing a "loading..." text while the data is loading.

Well, that it works partially, because, randomly, it stuck with the "loading..." text.

Here is the controller code:

somebody has any tutorial from AngularJS in order to comunicate with API REST

somebody has any tutorial from AngularJS in order to comunicate with API REST , because now i'm doing the same but with PHP CURL , and i found in order to start a process, i have to do it with java or Angular JS because with PHP CURL is very dificult or that is impossible to do it.
somebody has any idea?


How to redirect a page using AngularJS (or JS)


I'm trying to redirect the browser to the login page using AngularJS from an app page but I can't do it. I'm using this code from a custom widget:

Populating a form based on user Identity

Using Bonita version 7 community edition. Using basic Javascript no added features or add ins.

I have been attempting to have my form appear customized, based on the user ID of who opens the form. The form will display images and information relevant to that user/group.