How to refresh a widget


I have a process built in Bonita 7.1.2. and I've made a summary page for all the active cases. I use some widgets as a Data Table, texts, etc.

My question is, how can I put a button or something that refreshes the data on the summary page? I don't want implement a method that refreshes the window, I only want to refresh the Data Table.

Thanks in advance.


Populating a form based on user Identity

Using Bonita version 7 community edition. Using basic Javascript no added features or add ins.

I have been attempting to have my form appear customized, based on the user ID of who opens the form. The form will display images and information relevant to that user/group.

creating widgets dynamically

Hello world!

I'm trying to generate some widgets dynamically on a form, this is the brief:

Crear widgets dinamicamente

Hola mundo, buen dia

Estoy tratando de generar algunos widgets dinamicamente en un formulario de mi proceso: les hago un resumen corto:

Bonita Studio 6.c - Form design, How to DISABLE a widget , not Hide it...

Hi there,

I know how to hide a widget using conditions, but how do we keep a widget visible but disabled? For example a Submit Button...

I know the forms are not built using standard HTML etc...that would be too easy...

Many thanks and best regards Seán