Where to use javascript in HTML widget

i use following code , all done well but javascirpt not working

how to use depended filed

An issue with jQuery, simple button and hidden fields.

Hello commrades! I have an issue with binding action on a simple button in Bonita BPM Studio (also there is another issue with hidden fields).

All actions are performed with BonitaForm.html file in C:\%path_to_Bonita%\workspace\tomcat\bonita\client\platform\tenant-template\work\theme\portal and of course in the program.

Use javascript to access field value in form.

I have a simple workflow that calls an external QC system to validate a file. Once the file is validated I make a call to get a base64 string which contains the PDF report for the file.

I have created a connector that calls the external QC system and loads the PDF Base 64 string into a process variable called pdfReport.

Now I want to use javascript to render the PDF report from a form inside of Bonita.