Prevent JS execution on every keystroke


I have a collection of text input widgets on a simple UI Designer form, as well as some javascript expression variables that are dependent on them. Currently, the js expressions execute on every keystroke captured in the inputs.

How can I ensure that the js expressions only execute when the user is finished entering data into the text widgets? I assume I can do this by making use of onKeyUp or similar with a JS timeout function, but I'm not sure how to go about doing this in UI designer.

The text input data will not have a specific minimum length.

Custom widgets - Modules error ?

Hi guys,

I just tried the documented sample for creating custom widgets (the caroussel one), using BonitaSubscription7.5.4 and Community7.6
It works when I use the widget in a simple page.

On the other hand, when I put the widget in a tabsContainer, it doesn't work anymore.
On the TabsContainer page (http://localhost:8080/designer/#/fr/widget/pbTabsContainer) I can see that it also uses "ui-bootstrap-tpls-0.13.0.min.js" and "ui.bootstrap.tabs, ui.bootstrap.tpls"

Any plans for Angular 2 implementation?

I was wondering if Angular 2 is now officially in beta, when it will be integrated into solution?

Angular.JS in Community Edition possible?


i want to use the Angular.JS Features with my Bonitasoft Community Edition. (without the customPage Section :-[ )

I develop with the Studio and BonitaSoft 6.4.1 Community.

I've tried to test with the following simple example:

my example.js