How to import business data model in BonitaBPM 6.3.* portal when CASS SSO authentication is enforced


The documentation page about how to import business data model in portal states that user has to be logged with technical account to be able to pause tenant and import bdm.zip.

What about doing this when using CAS SSO ? As bonita will be redirecting each single user to CAS server for authentication, shall we map a user to this particular role and how can it be achieved ?


[Résolu] Organisation par défaut (active)


J'utilise la version 6.3 de Bonita Community. Je cherche désespérement comment mettre ma propre organisation par défaut. Je n'arrive pas à changer ACME (active). J'ai cherché sur le forum et la doc en anglais, sans réponses.

Quelqu'un a une idée ?


Issue with default value for pool variable in 6.3 ?

I define a variable in a pool (text) with a default value.

When I execute, in the instantiation form of the processus, the text field is empty.

It works perfectly in a task form if I define a variable in the task, but the pool variable is still empty.

Is this a bug according to you ?

DataBase Connectors result assignment (Oracle)

I try to assign the output of an Oracle Database Connector to a process variable (typed : java.sql.ResultSet), but I have the following error :

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: USERNAME=install | java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.jdbc.driver.ScrollableResultSet cannot be cast to java.io.Serializable

If i remove the output assignment (script option), the connector work.

I don't understand why it doesn't work, any idea ?