String variable in MySQL connector


I'm trying to set a query with a string variable in the script. I have set the database connection in the query script the value
SELECT idOR from Personal where name='${variablename}'

And the error that appears in the engine log is written the without the single quotes. I have tried to escape them (\'), tried double quote, and each time the query is done without any quotes.

How can I quote the value of my string variable thus the query is right?

Form data not passed to business variable

Hello All,

My process have a simple business object / variable. I have created a simple script that returns the new instance with the default values for the mandatory fields.

I have created an instantiation form with a simple text field, according to the contract defined for the instantiation step (object.attribute), but the value is never passed to the business variable. It's like the variables is instantiated AFTER the form as been invoked and submitted.

If I take a loot at the database, I see the default data returned in my script.

Using a Variable in a Query

Hello all,

I have been attempting to insert a variable into a query and have found many different posts around the internet telling me to do it many different ways. For example... if I had the query

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = '5';

I want to have it be

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = 'variableToBeQueriedWith';

I can't seem to find out how to do this. I've read that

select veg_cat_code from geo_feat where geo_feat_id = '${variableToBeQueriedWith}';

[RESOLVED]Récupérer les données d'un connecteur dans une variable et pouvoir accéder à cette variable dans un formulaire

Bonjour tout le monde,

Je débute sous bonita et j'utilise bonita 7.

J'aimerais pouvoir simplement utiliser un connecteur pour récupérer une liste de données dans une base et pouvoir afficher cette liste dans un formulaire.

J'ai crée mon connecteur, je le test il me renvoit des données. C'est pour la suite que je sèche.

Variable doesn't get updated if custom widget uses asynchronous call (REST)

I've built a custom widget (thanks to quentin ) that retrieves a variable from an activity, by using Bonita REST API.
The variable is displayed by the widget, but I want it to write that value into a variable defined in the editor.

So I did a bidirectional binding. The variable never gets updated. By testing, I found out that the problem seems to lye in the asynchronous call. I've tried several things ($scope.$apply, variable = return $http...) but did not succeed.

Variable in DB Connector

Hello I'm trying to pass a whole sql string into the connector.

For example i have the var SQLSTRING

then in the connector i only write ${SQLSTRING}

when i try to test the connector the following message appears

"Type of expression not admitted for test:
-Entry parameter ´script' is using an expression that contains an unreachable reference"

why is this happening?


NEXT Button - adding OnClick causes a 500 (Internal Server Error) response

Hi there,

I have a process Human Task with two forms. Form1 has a HTML Widget which I want to pass to the second screen and also save to a Bonita variable.

I'm using this post as reference:

In line with the refPost I have a SimpleButton to save the data to the Bonita variable using REST, and this works with no problem. The code is very simple

JavaScript carrying value of field from one form to another...


I am populating a form field with JavaScript which is working OK, but when I try to use the field I can't find it/use it.

How do I access the field for use in my second screen?


Process X, Human Step 1, Form 1, one text field Next button Simple button with code

Groovy script to assign task operator name to a variable?

Is it possible to use a Groovy script to assign the operator name of a specific task to a variable?

The use case here is that I'm saving key data from the process to an audit table in MySQL and I need to log which user performed each step in the process.

Thank you!

Task Connector can't reach a variable in Task Data in Service Task

I have several Service Tasks with a variable in Data (called valores, it's a map) and two Oracle Connectors that uses that variable. Sometimes I get this error: