String variable in MySQL connector



I'm trying to set a query with a string variable in the script. I have set the database connection in the query script the value
SELECT idOR from Personal where name='${variablename}'

And the error that appears in the engine log is written the without the single quotes. I have tried to escape them (\'), tried double quote, and each time the query is done without any quotes.

How can I quote the value of my string variable thus the query is right?

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This one is the BEST answer!


I was modifying the wrong connector. It was running one previously. I have used the single quote (') and has worked flawlessly.

The final query introduced in the Query Script window is:
select idOr from Dir_Org where Organitzacio='${extornoRequest.getEmpresa()}'

where extornoRequest.getEmpresa() is the business process variable.

Sorry for my confusion.