Groovy script to assign task operator name to a variable?

Is it possible to use a Groovy script to assign the operator name of a specific task to a variable?

The use case here is that I'm saving key data from the process to an audit table in MySQL and I need to log which user performed each step in the process.

Thank you!

Task Connector can't reach a variable in Task Data in Service Task

I have several Service Tasks with a variable in Data (called valores, it's a map) and two Oracle Connectors that uses that variable. Sometimes I get this error:

Bonita 6.3.6 - With REST how to return the variables instantiated activity?


With REST how to return the variables instantiated activity?


Fagner Souza

When your variable is going to be an uploaded picture, what data type do you use?

I have a process that includes uploading pictures, these pictures will need to be carried over to the next human task for a worker to see them. I cant seem to make this happen. What data type do you use for this? Using community edition

Error editing a variable


I have found an error while editing a task variable, and it does not let me update a variable:

" cannot be cast to java.util.List"

This error happens with any variable type, Integer, String, Boolean... I'm working on: Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.3.3.

can any help me? Thanks!

Récupérer les données d'un pool après l'intégration d'un process dans une appli

Bonjour à tous, j'ai bien suivi le tuto : L'intégration se fait bien. Cependant je n'arrive pas à récupérer les données - modifiées - du pool. Je ne suis arrivé qu'à récupérer les valeurs par défaut et non les valeurs modifiées après les Tâches Services.

How to calculate a duration between two time variable & display the result in the same form?

Hi all,

I am currently creating daily movement in office workflow using Bonita BPM Community version. The idea is to track how many hours were spent by an employee during their outside job.

My plan for the first form is to create 3 widget to calculate total expected time;

  1. Time to leave the office
  2. Expected time to be back
  3. Total expected time


Issue with default value for pool variable in 6.3 ?

I define a variable in a pool (text) with a default value.

When I execute, in the instantiation form of the processus, the text field is empty.

It works perfectly in a task form if I define a variable in the task, but the pool variable is still empty.

Is this a bug according to you ?

DataBase Connectors result assignment (Oracle)

I try to assign the output of an Oracle Database Connector to a process variable (typed : java.sql.ResultSet), but I have the following error :

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException org.bonitasoft.engine.exception.BonitaRuntimeException: USERNAME=install | java.lang.ClassCastException: oracle.jdbc.driver.ScrollableResultSet cannot be cast to

If i remove the output assignment (script option), the connector work.

I don't understand why it doesn't work, any idea ?

How to insert a variable value creating a case using REST

Hi. I'm using Bonita 6.2.

I need to create a case and pass a value to a global variable using REST. Reading the REST api, i found the caseVariable to do operations with them. But to do this i need: