java.util.list in UI Designer

hi! i'm realy new in this world of bonitaBPM so please i hope your comprension. my question is:
how to create a table with a java.util.list in UI Designer, i'm making a form with a table but i can't set the parameter(java.util.list). The conector that i use is de CMIS to connect with alfresco and take a list of documents. but this conector return a Java.util.list.

Please help!

loop over multiple process at a time


I am unable to understand how to loop over multiple process at a time?
For example,
Using 7.0.1:

Error editing a variable


I have found an error while editing a task variable, and it does not let me update a variable:

" cannot be cast to java.util.List"

This error happens with any variable type, Integer, String, Boolean... I'm working on: Bonita BPM Community Edition 6.3.3.

can any help me? Thanks!