Actor mapping crosses two groupes

Hi !

Is it possible to cross two group in actor mapping ?

For exemple, if I want to assign a task to HR Manager.
I want to put HR group AND manager group.

The goal is to not create a group to one person.

Thank's in advance !

Assign user who is part of two groups



Souhaitant limiter le nombre de groupe organisationnel afin de faciliter la maintenance de ces derniers, j'ai besoin de filtrer les utilisateurs qui ont accès à certaines tâches.

Explication :

Je possède le groupe A et le groupe B.

Pour une tâche donnée, il faut que seul un utilisateur faisant partie des groupes A+B simultanément puisse voir/exécuter la tâche.

Dois-je créer une nouvelle implémentation de filtre pour ça ? Cela me paraît un peu hors de ma portée..


Actor mapping menu not appearing


I am learning how to use Bonita Studio following the docs, but I can't find the menu to config actor mapping. I've googled but without success.

That's the list of actors of the pool:

That's the menus available when I select the pool and click in configure:

I am using the community version. The studio is in Brazilian Portuguese language.
How can I fix this? There is some config to make before mapping?

No actor initiator defined on the process


Since an upgrade of our Bonita server from 7.5.4 to 7.8.3 we encounter an issue for displaying form to the users. The following error appear :

In the application logs, I get the following exception : No actor initiator defined on the process

Which I don't really get since actor initiator is not mandatory.

transition path conditions

Hello all,
I'm developing an application where I'm concentrating on the Xor transition paths.
first, I have MySQL database rule where the table is on this form if, then, measure columns (three columns)
example **if **jobtitle= "XXX", **then **reductioncateg="zzz" with a measured **value **= 5
So I need that when the process instance is deployed, in the Xor gateway I verify the "if" part to take the path transition to the "then" activity.

How to set multiple actors with specific role with groovy script?


I created a groovy script in order to get users has a specific role in a specific group.

I set the actor with groovy script

import org.bonitasoft.engine.api.IdentityAPI;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.Group;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.GroupCriterion;
import org.bonitasoft.engine.identity.User;

Update the field of bdm object while task remain to the current actor


I want to update one of the fields of my business object without submitting the task.
Actually, I want to add notes of my current task without submitting it.

Is there any method to do that, a POST call to call update query or something else.
I have read in the documentation that only SELECT queries are allowed.

Asad Shakeel

urgente!Còmo hacer que distintos usuarios realicen distintas tareas de un proceso

Buenas tardes
He creado el diagrama de mi proceso, 3 lanes con 1 tarea cada uno y con 1 rol distinto cada uno, si utilizo solo un usuario (walter.bates) el proceso fluye correctamente con los formularios temporales que genera bonita studio.
Pero si en cada lane pongo un usuario distinto, cuando corro el proceso en los formularios temporales no logro que solo cada rol vea su tarea correspondiente.O todos pueden ejecutar todas las tareas o la 2da tarea no pasa al 2do rol.
Podrian ayudarme? He leido documentacion y visto tutoriales pero no consigo la soluciòn

Sub process doesn't inherit root process initiator

Is there a reason why a sub process doesn't inherit the root process initiator user?

I'm testing out the sub process feature by using the Call Activity Task, and noticed that the sub process doesn't inherit the initiator of the root process. I was able to work around it by passing in, through the process contract, the user id of the root process initiator, but it seems like it is redundant, and it should automatically work.

Know the actors assigned to next task

3 questions in one :P

1st Is there a way to know EVERY task (or flowNode) in a workflow? not only the archived tasks, failed or ready tasks, but every single one from start to finish? (by tasks I mean every user_task, automatic_task, gateway and so on..)

2nd If there is way to know every task I suppose there is way to know which task is next from a certain point in the there?

3rd This one is easy but depends on the other two there a way to know the actors assigned to the NEXT task (or flowNode)?