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Assign user who is part of two groups



Souhaitant limiter le nombre de groupe organisationnel afin de faciliter la maintenance de ces derniers, j'ai besoin de filtrer les utilisateurs qui ont accès à certaines tâches.

Explication :

Je possède le groupe A et le groupe B.

Pour une tâche donnée, il faut que seul un utilisateur faisant partie des groupes A+B simultanément puisse voir/exécuter la tâche.

Dois-je créer une nouvelle implémentation de filtre pour ça ? Cela me paraît un peu hors de ma portée..


Get User List with Role & CustomUserInformation in an Actor Filter

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if it possible to get a list of user with SearchOptionBuilder in an Actor Filter, using the role of the user and his customUserInformacion.

I already have a filter using SearchOptionBuilder with a Role ID to get the list of user, but in this scenario I need to get users using the Role ID and some of the customUserInformation to do it.



How to assign the multiple actors to the task ?

I created a call activity and send multiple users can take the task.
I created actor filter with actor list using by the following source.

This is my previous question.

How to set actor filter with group name and role name ?

I would like to get a user list with specific membership.
I created department bdm and stored department name.

I would like to set Actors with specific group users with a specific role.
variable stored selected groups by a user.

Actor filter has a script as follows :
In this code is username.
However, I would like to send group names in variable.

User initiator does not work well

I developed a process on bonita 7.5.4 comunity:
* on instantiaton form Iassigned it to an "actorSoporte" and a filter actor "STI",
* on Configure, I managed roles.
The problem is that the instantiaton form's task may be make by anyone, I need this task may be make only for role "STI"

actor filter with dbm custom table

Hello there!!!

i have been looking on the documentation, but can't find any example of how can i make a actor filter using one bdm custom table.

i have a table that has 3 columns

userinit, userreview1, userreview2

What i need to do is when one of the user initiator of the process pick up his name and compare that on that table, and extract the name of the review1, and review2 for the approvals.

i don't know if this is posible but i hope i can do this on bonita.

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Actor filter to allow a task to a list of user candidates.
Useful to allow users belonging to a group to be task candidates when the group depends on the process instance.

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Assign Task to Group or Multiple Users


Is there anyone who knows how to assign task to multiple users and assign also to group? The purpose is since there are times that the main approver is not around so it needs to be approved by other user. Please help.


Actor Filter Question

Having 2 process: A and B. process A starts process B

in process A, you define a Process B actor filter it is all users from a group 1. They can do the usertasks, but when each user ends all tasks, he will be excluded from process B actor filter.

My question is.... when this process B have multiple instances, this actor filter from a instance interfere in others? Even in the proposition.

My actor filter need access to the BDM


I am writing an actor filter that needs access to the BDM.
I am struggling with the BusinessObjectDAOFactory as createDAO method need an APISession parameter. My problem is that the APISession seems not to be accessible from the filter method.

Here is my code: