instantiation form

is it possible to access process parameters from instantiation form


I'm trying to initialize some lists in my instantiation form using process parameters.

I've tried to use the Rest API :


To retrieve the process ID, I tried to use :



nomProcessus as a string = liaison TE ATA 2 ou LLO fibre dédiée

and versionProcessus as a string = 1.7

but I get no data.

Am I doing something wrong or is it impossible?

Get data from another database (not from business data) and do some operations at the start of a process (before instantiation form)


I would like to know if there is a way to get some data from another database, which is not the business data database as well as do some operations, at the very start of a process, before the user is being shown a form.

There are some data that needs to be retrieved before the start of a process and currently we're using a service task right after the start of the process to retrieve the necessary data and do some operations before displaying a page to the user. After the service task, then we have the human task, where the user will be able to input their request.

User initiator does not work well

I developed a process on bonita 7.5.4 comunity:
* on instantiaton form Iassigned it to an "actorSoporte" and a filter actor "STI",
* on Configure, I managed roles.
The problem is that the instantiaton form's task may be make by anyone, I need this task may be make only for role "STI"

Populate Instantiation Form with BDM Data

I have a specific requirement to populate my instantiation form BDM contract with the previous BDM's data

However as the BDM's initBDM() default script runs after the Instantiation form, it doesn't seem possible.

Any one have any easy to implement thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Many thanks and best regards

instantiation form data

is there a way to retrieve the caseId from an instantiation form?

I'm building the following URL:


with it, I open a browser that shows me the instantiation form for that process. I can complete the form and start a new case.
What I want is to be able to, through a REST GET request in my code, or something like that, be able to retrieve the newly created caseID. Is this even possibel?

Upload document to instantiation form with other data as well,using api

how do i upload a document to my instantiation form,where i have other data as well like name,address etc. .I want to start a new case using an api call and for that i am using "/API/bpm/process/processDefID/instantiation" and sending the name and address as payload. i want to know how do i send the document data to instantiation form(in payload or call another api to upload document to instantiation form) as its mandatory to upload document in the instantiation form.

Get process variable data from the Start process form (instantiation form)


I have a process variable which has a list; the list is created by a "connector in".

I need to retrieve the list in a Select widget, but it seems that I can NOT get the process variable data from the first form (instantiation form)...

It does work with other activities. I can get to show the list in the Select widget in other activities, but it does not work with the instantiation form.

Do you know how to handle this?

Thanks a lot.

Start a process with instantiation form via REST Api

is it possible to start a process with an instantiation form via REST Api?

If I start a process by creating a case via http://../API/bpm/case, the process will be initialized without instantiation form. And an error occurred, that the contract of the business object isn't fullfilled.
That makes sence.

But is there a way to initialize a process with an instantiation form via REST Api?


Access process variables from instantiation form (7.2)


I am new to Bonita BPM so maybe I am not doing the right thing but here is my scenario.

I want to create a process and I need some reference values from our ERP (Oracle database). Those reference values are only revelant during the process execution so I created some process variables and a in-connector that populate the process variable

The question is I do not know how to access the process variables from the instantiation form. I looked at the BPM api but being an instantiation form there is no caseId I can use.

So two questions:

SOS: Instantiation form doesn't work

Hi there. I'm trying to get my second process in bonita to work. The first worked like a charm -it was a simple gatewayless one-, so I felt encouraged and tried to go to the next level by using some gateways, but it doesn't work at all, even though I followed the same steps with the corresponding changes according to the new flow and BDM. I'm sure I'm missing something really silly but I ran out of ideas, so I will appreciate a lot any help. By the way, this is a beginners level question, so if this is not the right place to ask, please let me know.