Get process variable data from the Start process form (instantiation form)



I have a process variable which has a list; the list is created by a "connector in".

I need to retrieve the list in a Select widget, but it seems that I can NOT get the process variable data from the first form (instantiation form)...

It does work with other activities. I can get to show the list in the Select widget in other activities, but it does not work with the instantiation form.

Do you know how to handle this?

Thanks a lot.

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As you've found this isn't possible with the Instantiation form, we use custom JavaScript code and pull the data in from an AJAX call to the back end.

In the end we also found this easier for all our "on screen" field data.

Allows you to change the field text in the database (PostgreSQL in our case) without doing any changes to the form/rebuilding the process.


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Submitted by mbolanos_1 on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 14:22

Hi Sean, thanks for answering.
I am still learning basic things about Bonita. Could you please tell me where you usually use the custom Javascript code? is it a script you add into the BDM "Default value" field? and also, could you provide an example of your code to pull data from an external DB in order to show some data in a Select widget in the Instantiation form?

I am asking a lot of things... I'm sorry about that, but many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,