transition path conditions

Hello all,
I'm developing an application where I'm concentrating on the Xor transition paths.
first, I have MySQL database rule where the table is on this form if, then, measure columns (three columns)
example **if **jobtitle= "XXX", **then **reductioncateg="zzz" with a measured **value **= 5
So I need that when the process instance is deployed, in the Xor gateway I verify the "if" part to take the path transition to the "then" activity.

Comment mettre des conditions dans un choix exclusif ?

Bonjour à tous,

Dans mon modèle j'ai placé une porte exclusive, mais je n'arrive pas à mettre de conditions pour choisir mes autres tâches (Ex : Accepter ou Refuser le devis)

Comment faire pour écrire les conditions du choix ?

Merci !

et si jamais vous savez répondre à cette autre question => Comment relier des tâches de pool différentes ?

How to compare three values and use only one Output based on comparison and value selected


I plan to implement a process where in a certain task , the user will have three choices.

Based on his choice , the process flow will be different.

Currently The user has to choose between archive , Planned or Unplanned .

I am using a Text variable to store the users selection and then use that to compare with the XOR output lanes.

If the User chooses archive , the case will end
If the User chooses Unplanned, the task will go to Employer
If the user Chooses Planned, the task will go to next Level of Approval.