transition path conditions


Hello all,
I'm developing an application where I'm concentrating on the Xor transition paths.
first, I have MySQL database rule where the table is on this form if, then, measure columns (three columns)
example **if **jobtitle= "XXX", **then **reductioncateg="zzz" with a measured **value **= 5
So I need that when the process instance is deployed, in the Xor gateway I verify the "if" part to take the path transition to the "then" activity.
I mean if the actor deploying the process at runtime have a jobtitle="XXX" I will orient him to the activity where reduction categ="zzz"
and if I have two rules with the same if and then part I choose the one with the highest value.

I find that the decision table can help me to write conditions but is not what I want exactly.

I'm working with Bonita BPM 7.7.0

Thanks for your attention and your help

Regards Asma


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 17:09

How to you describe the if condition? Is it a script (JavaScript, Groovy script...) store in the database? If this is a script I'm assuming that it need to be executed with some variables substitution.

It seems that you are trying to build a kind of business rules management system. Instead of storing jobtitle= "XXX" in the table why not only storing "XXX" and then get the information using a Bonita database connector and do the processing in a Groovy script defined in Bonita?

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