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Document not accessible in "Overview" but available in Mail connector


in my app I attach correctly a document with a groovy connector:


processAPI.attachDocument(processInstanceId, "documentXYZ",, "application/pdf", doc.bytes);


Then I send it with an e-mail connector as an attachment, but If I try to open it in case Overview I get the error "500 Internal Server Error. Oops. Error.". In the logfile I've: "org.bonitasoft.forms.server.DocumentImageServlet Error while retrieving the document with ID xxxxxx from the engine."

It seems that the document ID in the url is not correct.

Permission to view the Overview page from a case


At the organization that I work we use the Bonita BPM Community edition version 7.6.3 to automate processes. Currently I need to create a process that all users from my organization can view the process Overview page, because it's a public process. But I don't know how to do that, can you please help me to solve this. or inform me if it's possible to do that in the Community edition.


Process Supervisor Role

Hello All,

We need to enable a non-administrator user to review cases for the whole organization, no just her own cases. This user cannot have access to deploy, enable, or disable processes or to manage the organization user, groups and roles.

Specifically, we need to give this user access to the case detail (casemoredetails) for archived and current cases.

Is there any way to do this in the Community Edition?

Thank you.

How to modify the default case overview


How to modify the current case overview?

Javascript Error and Converting Id to Name in Custom Case Overview


I have an error in my custom overview page. My error is java script cannot execute properly and my conversion of id to name using the API identity is not working.

The java script contains this one. $item is the value of my collection. It gets the value of the company in my bdm. Since this is a custom overview for me to get the value of bdm i created a container a put the value in collection.

How to create a custom case overview


I want to create a custom case overview showing different fields. First is the gatePassNo from a new bdm table then the taskname where the task is and then date created from the table where the gatePassNo is also found. But dont know how to create this following. I put all this field in a default table in UI Designer but the following fields came from different bdm table. Please help to create this.


Retrieve the context from an archived case

Hi everyone,

I’m using Bonita 7.3.3, and my concern deals with a custom overview page for both active and archived cases.

I succeed on making one for an active case (when I select a task and go to the third tab), but I can’t figure it out when it comes to archived cases.

I understood that the API has to be built differently.
For the next example, “caseId”, usually an URL parameter type valued "id", is set to 49001.

BonitaSoft 7.1.4 Community - View Case Overview

When a user with user profile go to Cases and click on the eye glyphicon (View case overview) the portal load a blank page something that doesn´t happen when the same action is executed by an administrator profile
why does this happen?