Execute Rest API Extension with user without Administrator profile


I have created a Rest API Extension in bonita 7.5.4. When I logged with a user with Administrator Profile and I called the Rest API through its url in the browser it works fine, but when I'm logged with a user with "User" profile and I try to call the API with its URL, i got (403 forbidden).

What can I do to solve this?



Bonita Server Delete process

As an administrator user when I try to delete a process I get a forbidden error I can´t even delete a case anyone know how to fix this? is like I don´t have the required permission to use the BPM process API

[RESOLVED] I can't create a Bonita BPM Portal administrator

I am following the steps in First steps after setup , but when I get to step 4, I can not assign the administrator profile to the user created.
I'm using Bonita Community 7.1.2 + Tomcat bundle + PostgreSQL 9.1 + Debian.


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