email attachment

Insert image in email body


I have a question please help me.

Is it possible to insert an image in the body of the email?

Currently any files I place inside the process enter as an attachment in the email, but I'd like it to appear in the body of the email ...

Thank you very much in advance.

Sorry for bad English...

How can I get Intiated user form detail values in the Email connector


I have created a process, user initiates the process fills up the form and now I want to send an email to his manager and also the form data in the email body, how can I acheive this? I can see the form data at human task, but how can I get the form data in email.

How to attach a file to email


I can send an email from Bonita ok but haven't managed to figure out how to add an attachment to the email message?

The documentation says "Include email attachments defined as a variables or expressions" but doesn't have any examples. I'm assuming that a Groovy script is needed but can't find anything that I could have applied.

Where could I find an example where the attachment can added to the email, preferable using a variable so that the name doesn't need be hardcoded.


Bonita 7.2.3 CE