Changing portal look

Using the community version (6.4.0) is it possile to change elements around in the portal. I've looked around and I've seen it's possible to change the css but I'm talking about moving elements around, more specifically, moving the processes tab to the default tab and hiding the Cases tab (at least for the momement as it's not seen as needed). Also helpful would be changing the names on the labels as the target audience although might have english speaking capabilities will not be speaking english as a first language (it'll be european portuguese)

Steps to enable Active Directory on Bonita 6.5.X Community

All the info I found about that where too ambiguous, not useful by itself. Something like "make an Authentication Service Implementation by yourself". So I searched a lot and found some way to make it working. I write the steps here: (Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible for any problem/damage direct or indirect.)

Uploading files to other locations

I understand bonita uses documents to store files uploaded by users however they are stored in the bonita database and for me this is unnacceptable. Is there a way to change this so it's stored as a file in a place I wish or is there a way to upload a file via groovy script?

Error 500 - DefaultTenantIdException

So, I've installed Tomcat7 and I have mysql running and I have "installed" the bonita deployment files on the correct path, tomcat's manager indicated that the application is indeed running and has started. However, when accessing localhost:8080/bonita/ all I get is an error for "org.bonitasoft.console.common.server.utils.DefaultTenantIdException"

I thought it was because I had some sort of problem installing the app, however with the h2 database it is working, so my best guess would be some problem with the mysql connectors or the database itself.


Bonita 5.10.2 community LDAP


i want to use ldap authentification in user xp, i have used this article

but : -when i extract data from active directory using ldap connector, there is not "uid" atribute , so i have used "cn" instead

authIdentity="cn={USERNAME},ou=......." userFilter="(&(cn={USERNAME}))"

-how can i edit this method :

How to change look and feel of bonita portal in community 6.3

hello i m using bonita community 6.3 can anyone pl specify where are the files to change bonita protal look and feels .

thanks kandarp

Unable to store ldap attributes

Hi everyone, !

I'm currently trying to store in a Hashmap object the value and key of the ldapAttributeList returned by my ldap connector using the the output operation window. Here is a piece of code doing this thing :

Modifying the Portal functionality.

Hello, I need to extend the functionality of Bonita BPM Portal and to translate it. My task is to add an extra menu to the Organization menu at administrator homepage.

Bonita Community in multiple CPU Cores

Hi all community

I was wondering if BOS Community version is able to use two or more CPU cores in one server or it is able just for Sunscription versions ?

Does someone know ?

Thank you and regards!!!!